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How to Use CAT ET 2023A Diagnostic Software APN Programming Function?

Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Software Beginner Video Guide (5)

Caterpillar ET 2023A APN Programming function provides the capability to program Access Point Name information in Product Link in order for cellular network communication to occur.


CAT ET 2023A Diagnostic Software

CAT Comm Adapter 3



To run the APN Programming function, select “APN Programming” from the Service menu. The APN Programming screen is displayed.


Screen Layout

The APN Programming screen has the following areas:


APN Configuration Area

The Current Access Point Information display area includes the following information:


APN Configuration Status

SIM Card Status



Access Point Name*

User Name


* – indicates a pull-down menu



The button available in the APN Programming screen :

Change – Click this button to change the currently programmed Access Point Information.

Check Status – Click this button for APN Configuration status updates

Import – Click this button to import APN information from a file