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How to Solve Caterpillar Communication 3 142 Hardware not responding Error

142 Hardware not responding Error

When you connection Caterpillar Communication 3 adapter to machine and PC,sometime you will get 142 hardware not responding error.Here comes solutions.There are several possible causes of a Error 142 “Hardware not responding” message.

142 Hardware not responding Error

CA3 driver installation error

First, ensure the CA3 is plugged into the USB port on the PC. Next, perform the following steps to ensure that the CA3 drivers are properly installed:

Click Start.

Access the Device Manager:

Right click on the Start Menu icon and select Computer Management from the list. The Computer Management dialogue window will open. Select Device Manager, located in the left column.

Click on “Vehicle Data Link Adapter” and the “CAT Comm Adapter 3” option should appear. A red X should not be shown over the icon in front of the name. If there is a red X over the icon, then reinstall the CA3 driver.


The CA3 Toolkit is running

The CA3 Toolkit will monopolize communication to the CA3, and no other application will be able to communicate with the CA3. Shut down the CA3 Toolkit in order for the service tool to communicate.



Internal Power Supply is active

CA3s built in 2009 generated electrical noise from the built-in USB power supply, which was problematic for some PCs. In these instances, the CA3 would not be detected by the service tool or by the CA3 Toolkit. See the “Turn off CA3’s internal USB power supply” recommended practice in order to address this issue


CA3 is not properly powered

When the CA3 powers up, the LED lights on the front of the device glow and then will sequentially turn off from the top (“Data Link” end) to the bottom (“Computer”end) of the device. The Power LED will turn color from orange to red and then the blue “USB” LED will blink once. The CA3 will not be operational until this sequence has occurred. The sequence can take up to 10 seconds.


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