[2022.11] Doosan DMS-5 3.0.5 Data Monitoring System Diagnostic Software


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Doosan DMS-5 (Doosan Data Monitoring System) is a special diagnostic software for Doosan machine.You are able to do monitoring,check graph output force operate,diagnosis…for Doosan excavator,wheel loaders.

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Doosan DMS-5 Features:

Size:about 230MB

Date:2022.11 and 2016

Version:3.0.5 and 1.6.3


Support Doosan Diagnostics Tool uVIM


Price only for ONE PC Installation and activation


Doosan DMS-5 Functions:

Monitoring:You can monitor the current status of equipment installed with Controller (EPOS or VCU).
Graph Output:The major excavator/Wheel Loader sensor data will be displayed ina graph format. The data can be saved in the hard disk. You can check theexcavator/Wheel Loader’s performance through data comparison and analysis.
Force Operation:You can use vehicle diagnosis by forcing Controller (EPOS or VCU) outputs.
Diagnosis: You can check the real-time and past malfunction history maintained by Controller (EPOS or VCU).
History Data:You can analyze the work patterns when using an excavator/Wheel Loader, by checking the operation hours, filter/oil information, and daily operation information.


Doosan DMS-5 11.2022 Video Show:

Doosan DMS-5 Coverage Models:

Doosan Excavators:

DX Model



U  Model

DX140LC-3,DX140LCR-3,DX140W-3,DX170W-3,DX180LC-3,DX190W-3,DX210W-3,DX210LCR-3, DX225LC-3,DX255LC-3,DX300LC-3,DX340LC-3,DX350LC-3,DX350LCY-3,DX380LC-3,DX420LC-3, DX490LC-3,DX700LC-3


V Model

DX140LC-5,DX140LCR-5,DX180LC-5,DX225LC-5,DX235NLC-5,DX235LCR-5 DX255LC-5,DX300LC-5, DX340LC-5,DX380LC-5,DX420LC-5,DX490LC-5,DX530LC-5,DX140W-5,DX170W-5,DX190W-5,DX210W-5,DX190WA,DX210WA,DX225NLCA,DX260LCA,V05,DX140W,DX220LCA,DX480LCA, DX420LCA, DX420LCA,DX340LCA,DX300LCA

Doosan Wheel Loaders

DL Model


H Model

DL200-3,DL250-3,DL300-3,DL300-3 (eMCV),DL350-3,

DL350-3 (eMCV), DL400-3,DL400-3 (eMCV),DL450-3,DL450-3 (eMCV), DL550-3, DL550-3 (eMCV)

K Model

DL200-5,DL250-5,DL300-5,DL300-5 (eMCV),DL350-5,DL350-5 (eMCV),DL400-5,DL400-5 (eMCV), DL450-5, DL450-5 (eMCV), DL550-5, DL550-5 (eMCV)

C Model

DX120-9C, DX220LC-9C, DX340LC-9C, DX380LC-9C,



Doosan DMS-5 Update History:

1) Fix : Engine Diagnostic Program Displayed.

1) Add : interface for IDT device (ValueCAN4).

1) Fix : ThumbWheel Joystick Setting error.

1) Fix : update popup error.

1) Delete : built-in engine function.
2) Add : ‘Check Update’ button.
3) Add : auto warm-up function.

1) Fixed VMK model recognition error.
2) Modify the TMS status information item.
3) Added do not show in update popup window.

1) Construction of engine diagnostic program deployment system.
2) Improvement of TSG deployment system.

1) Fixed Model Name error .
2) Fixed Filter Oil list error.
3) Fixed Parameter list error.

1) Fixed graph loading error .
2) Fixed VBO file loading error.
3) Modified the graph function.

1) Fixed an error in the ‘OK’ button on the training machine.
2) Fixed CAN logging file loading error.
3) Fixed ‘save all’ function error of operationhour.

1) Fix ‘Save All’ function error (VGK, VMK).
2) Added ‘write parameter map’ function to excavator.

1) Modified to display model name normally.
2) Modified so that the VBO button is activated normally.
3) Addition of Dozer types in Training Machine.
4) Modified so that the report function works normally.
5) Modified so that the client key is generated normally

1) Addition of excavator types under 10 tons (Reduced Tail – R,Zero Tail – Z)
2) In case of FEH model, the joystick check (hydraulic) button is reflected to be inactive.
3) Option Set menu is added.


Additional information


2022.11, 2016

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