[06.2023] Doosan e-Doctor Diagnostic Software



Doosan E-Doctor is a specialized diagnostic software for Doosan engines, such as DL06, DL08, DV11, DV11S, etc. These engines are very commonly used on DX140, DX300, and Daewoo trucks, bus,…. The software helps to communicate between the computer and Engine ECU, helping users to diagnose and repair quickly and accurately



Doosan e-Doctor Features:






OS Requires:Win7,Win8,Win10 and Win11

Diagnostic adapter supports:Doosan Diagnostic Tool,Doosan UVIM



Doosan e-Doctor Functions List:

View DTC

View Service Data

Snap shot

Run-up Test

Compression Test

Remote Control

ECU information

ECU Reprogram

EOL Data


– Show the user the engine failure history now and before.
– View each engine components working condition & data value.
– Save engine data for checking engine condition.
– Check power deviation of each cylinder.
– Check compression deviation of each cylinder.
– Operate engine by lap top control.
– See ECU Information.


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