2022 Kubota Takeuchi DiagMaster Level 6 20.11.01 Installation Service



Kubota Takeuchi Diagmaster-communicates with multiple vehicle ECU’s by conventional serial communication as well as the modern CAN bus protocol.With new features like Automatic Vehicle Detection, Data Recording and Trouble Shooting Guidance,the Diagmaster platform offers all of the diagnostic information needed for advanced trouble shooting. The unique design makes it simple to expand and update to support new management systems and vehicles.

Diagmaster Databases are programs for setting up the latest model information on the Diagmaster and normally they are created for the product lineup of one manufacturer. In order to use the Diagmaster to diagnose problems with the engine and/or its accessories from a specific manufacturer, you have to have the Diagmaster Database created for that manufacturer. If you have to diagnose the products of more than one manufacturer, install the Diagmaster Databases that correspond to each of the manufacturers.

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Kubota Takeuchi Diagmaster Features:
OS:Win 7,Win 8,Win 10 and Win 11
Include Instruction+DB file+Driver
Price only for ONE PC Installation


Kubota Takeuchi Diagmaster Functions:

•Clear Trouble Codes.
•Data Recording.
•Extensive Data Monitoring and simultaneous Active Tests.
•Active Tests.
•Manage Projects.
•Injector Compensation.
•Vehicle ECU Memory Reset.
•Injection Quantity Correction.
•MAF Correction.
•Fuel Pump Learning Value Clearing.



How to Use Kubota Takeuchi Diagmaster Diagnostic Software?

* Before starting diagnosis

1.Connect the data link cable and USB cable to the interface(PYTHON or DST-i).

2.Connect the interface (PYTHON or DST-i) to a USB port on the PC.

3.Connect the data link cable to the vehicle’s data link connector(DLC).

4.Turn the vehicle key switch ON.

5.In case of using PYTHON, set the operating settings in the interface.

(This step is not necessary if the connecting USB port has not been changed.)

5.1 Run the Python1BConfig program(shortcut on the desktop).

5.2 Click the Auto Detect button, and set the PYTHON operation settings.

5.3 After Auto Detect has finished, quit the Python1BConfig program.


* Starting diagnosis

1.Click [ Start Diagnosis] from the menu to the lower left.


* Stopping diagnosis

1.Click [ Exit Application] from the menu to the lower left.

2.Turn the vehicle key switch OFF.

3.Disconnect the data link cable from the vehicle’s data link connector(DLC).

4.Disconnect the interface (PYTHON or DST-i) from the USB port off the PC.


Kubota Diagmaster 20.11.01 Download and Installation Video:

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