2023 Paccar ESA Electronic Service Analyst 5.6/5.4 with SW Files 2023


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Paccar Electronic Service Analyst (ESA) is a PC-based diagnostic tool similar to CAT ET or Cummings INSITE. ESA communicates over a Data Link Adapter to the NAMUX components. A technician can use ESA to detect fault codes in the components, verify and troubleshoot new electronic instrumentation functionality, flash the control unit, program parameters and diagnose the root cause of the problems using service information on DealerNet.

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Paccar ESA Electronic Service Analyst Features:


Version:5.6 or 5.4

SW Files:5.6 2023.02 and 2022.08 5.4

5.4 version include KG and How to install guide

5.6 version include how to install guide with KG


OS Requirements:Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10


New Features:


Defect fixes:

  • Attempting to program parameters on a CECU3 with a 6 character chassis number will display an error that the chassis number is invalid.

Known Issues:

  • Restoring parameters to an ICU using an ECAT file with a Q21-1029 part number causes ESA to crash
  • Replacing an ICU with a CECU3 and downloading an ECAT file with a Q21-1029 part number will not limit the flashing options to P30-1030 as it should
  • JPRO DLA+ 2.0 and DLA+Wireless 2.0 will not detect PACCAR Display 1.0 on 2016 vehicles without the use of a crossover cable; not a significant concern since 2016 vehicles should not have PACCAR Display 1.0 devices installed



Paccar Electronic Service Analyst is provided without access to paccar ePortal. Instead of it we will add SW (flash files) to be able to connect to the vehicle without ePortal access:

-Kenwort Vehicle Software
-Instrument Cluster Software
-Chassis Node Software
-Cab Electronic Control Unit Software
-HVAC Software
-PACCAR Display Software
-Peterbilt Vehicle Software

How to Install Paccar ESA 5.6 Diagnostic Software

Additional information


5.6, 5.4