[03.2024] Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS Download +Installation+Activation



Benz Xentry is the complete diagnosis system that is used to troubleshoot Mercedes-Benz car problems and is the official Mercedes-Benz dealer software. It can configure, reprogram, initialization of new components, program, perform guided tests, read or erase fault codes in any of the systems including AirMatic, AirBag, SRS, EIS, Transmission, ETS, BAS, and all of the control modules.

Note:After payment,our online service will send you download link and how to install guide.And then tech team will send you activation file to your.

Price only for One PC activation,installation guide included


Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS Features:
Size:about 15GB
OS Requires:Only support Windows 10,it can not support WIN7
Compatible Interface:C5/C6 (New version can not support C4) XENTRY Diagnosis version
03.2024 Data release of XENTRY Diagnosis Software version of ASAM server (CAESER)
9.6.19 Software version of ASAM server (Softing)

Note:from 2023.12 xentry,it is not include Benz trucks,if you need please buy 2023.09 version

It can not support W223 W206 W213 W167,if you want models support please buy this one:Benz Xentry Software ZenZefi License W223 W206 W213 W167 Diagnostics


Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS 12.2023 Video Show


Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS Functions:

Can be used for all model series of For Mercedes For Benz vehicles
Support DoIP, cover more functions during SCN Coding than SD C4/C5
Functions including diagnosing, programming, simulation studying, repair information, automotive maintenance, technical service bulletin and so on
Diagnosis updates no longer necessary – firmware updates required on rare occasions
Does not need a power supply unit for external power supply
Dandy multiplexer with a small, sturdy construction (no PC core, battery, fan, or display)
Engines (All Gasoline & Diesel Systems)
Transmissions and Electronic Selector Modules
Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Systems
Traction Systems: ESP / ASR / ETS / ABS / BAS / SBC braking systems
Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) / Airbag, All body modules OCP / UCP / LCP / SCM / SKF / KFB / RCM / DCM’s
Drive Authorisation System
Sam (Signal Acquisition) Modules
Electronic Ignition System (EIS)
Pneumatic System Equipment and ATA functions
Air Conditioning / climate control Systems
Instrument Cluster
Tyre Pressure Control
Parktronic System
Keyless Go
D2b Command & Audio Gateway (D2B and MOST networks)
TV Tuner
Headlamp Range Adjustment
Seat Electronics
Rvc, RST & Vario Roof modules
Automatic Clutch System ACS
M-Class Body Modules (AAM / EAM / DAS / SEM / VG Transfer Case)
Assyst & ASSYST + systems


Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS Support Languages:



Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS Support Vehicle List:

Passenger Car

A177,A176,A169,A168,B247,B242,B246,B245,CLA 118,CLA117

C206 C205 C204 C203 C202 201 CLK209 CLK208

E238 E213 E212 E211 E210 E207 124

GLB247 GLC254 GLS167 GLE167 GLE292 M/GLE166 M164 M163 G464 G463 G461 G460 GL/GLS166 GL164

EQC293 GLC253 GLK204 GLA247 GLA156

S223 S222 S221 S220 S217 S140 S126 X290 AMG CLS257 CLS218 CLS219 CL216 CL215 CL140 R251

AMG298 SLK/SLC172 SLK171 SLK170 SL232 SL230 SL129 SL107 AMG GT192 AMG GT190 SLS197



X170/471,Citan,Vaneo414,V448,Vito448,V447,Vito/Metris447,Viano639,Vito639,V638,Vito638,MB100 631,Sprinter 910,Sprinter 909,Sprinter 907,Sprinter 900,Sprinter III,Sprinter II,Sprinter I,T1,Vario,T2,Sprinter III up to 2013



SFTP 965 H6A,Arocs 964 ,Antos 963,Actros 963,Actros 2/3,Atego 967,Atego II,Axor II,Econic 956,Econic,Zetros 959,Zetros,Actros,Atego light,Atego heavy,Axor,SK,MK,LK,ACCELO,LN,HSK,L98,FPN M96

PFN M2000,HPN M96,Atron,HPN 2000,SLK,FSK,MB Indonesia






TRAVEGO,INTOURO,INTEGRO,CITAROII,CITARO,CAPACITY,CITO,TOURISMO,O350/O403,CONECTO,O404,O405-O408,Minibus 907,Minibus 902-906,OC500,TOURO,TOURINO,MBC,MULTEGO,O500 CBC,O500 Art,O500 IBC,OH Arg,OH HBC,OF,LO,India Bus,MBO Mexico,O400,Minibus up to 2013


Super sports cars:

SLR 199


Special procedures:

High voltage Battery,FBS4 Diagnosis,Software request,Code,Bus Powertain,G463 Landaulet,EDB HVBB,OBD Readout,TCM UHN,Atego Powertrain,Flash ICC5


Industrial Major Assemblies:

Mj as 800,Mj as MR 000,OM 906 CNG,KAMAZ,GROVE 5095,GROVE 5110,GROVE 5130,GROVE 5130-1,GROVE 4100,GROVE 5100,GROVE GMK4060HC,Terex AC60,TEREX AC100,LTM1030,LTM 1040,LTC 1045 Component,MCG Cab,MCG MB Cab,SISU,KAMAG

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