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Jungheinrich ETM/V 13,5-20 MSEseries Forklift Hoist Frame Tilting Mechanism Checking and Adjusting

This instruction show you guide on how to check and adjust the hoist frame tilting mechanism for Jungheinrich ETM/V 13,5-20 MSE series forklift truck.

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Checking and adjusting the hoist frame tilting mechanism
1 Checking and adjusting hoist frames equipped with fork tilting systems1.1 lllustration/table of adjusting dimensions

1.2 checking the hoist frame tilt-back
NOTE: Hoist frame tilt-back checking and adjusting operations must be performed without anyload on the fork.
– Place the vehicle on level ground, rotate the drive wheel through 90° andapply the parking brake.
– Move the hoist frame tilting system forward against the stop.
– Attach a plummet to the fork carrier and raise the fork to a height of 1000 mm.
– Let fall a perpendicular from a lifting height of approx.1000 mm and mark the first measuringpoint on the ground.
– Raise the hoist frame together with the plummet to the full lifting height “h?” and lower thefork by 30 mm.Let fall a perpendicular and mark the second measuring point on the ground.- Check that the dimension between the first and second measuring point corresponds with theadjusting dimension “X” (mm) indicated in the table for the lifting height “hg”.
Readjustment of the tilt-back is necessary when the Xmin / max -values indicated in the tableare exceeded!

1.3 Adjusting the hoist frame tilt-back
– Slacken nut (1) of the vibration damper and check nut(3)(left-hand thread) and clampingscrews (2) of the mast blocking device.
– Rotate the middle section (4) of the mast blocking device in the required direction until theadjustment dimension “X” , relating to the lifting height “h,” as indicated in the table, has beenobtained.

NOTE: When looking in the direction of the check nut (3):
– Clockwise rotation of the middle section (4) of the mast blocking device will increase theadjustment dimension “X”
-Anti-clockwise rotation will reduce the adjustment dimension “x”.
– Check nut (3) and clamping screws (2) thighten using the required torque.
– Proceeding as detailed in para.1.1 , raise and lower the hoist frame twice between the first andsecond measuring point, each time checking dimension “X” between the markings on the
Perform the required corrections, if the Xmin / Xmay values, as indicated in the table, areexceeded.
– Tighten nuts (1 ) of the vibration damper.
Block dimension of the spring packet A = 0mm.