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How to Use SerDia2010 Perform EGR Actuator Test for Deutz Engine

This instruction show you guide on how to use SerDia2010 diagnostic to do EGR actuator test for Deutz engine.



2023 Deutz Serdia2010 v14.1.9.1 Diagnostic Software Free Download

Deutz Diagnostic Kit DECOM for Deutz Engine



The Button does not appear with The software P_802_680_640_005.

This test is designed for the if the EGR actuator motor has been replaced, the end position of the EGR actuator easy and simple
can be calibrated and stored in the ECU.
To run the EGR actuator reset open the corresponding use case in SerDia2010 as shown in the lower Image.

Once the Use-Case has started the test can be started directly by clicking on the
Button “EGR actuator reset” (pictured purple highlighted).

If the EGR reset is active, next to the selected button (in the lower purple marks) a
rotating icon appear.

If the EGR controller reset was successful, SerDia shows the message below.

Notice:This function is available at Competence Class 2.