Deutz DECOM Communicator Diagnostic Tool for Deutz Engine Controllers

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Deutz diagnostic scanner tool Deutz DeCOM SerDia software support CAN K/L-Line Deutz DECOM controllers diagnosis kit

Dealer diagnostic equipment DEUTZ DIAGNOSTIC KIT (CANUSB) created for full service of all DEUTZ machines from small diesel engines and ending with mining equipment. DEUTZ DIAGNOSTIC KIT (CANUSB) allows access to all electronique controle module (ECMS).

DEUTZ DIAGNOSTIC KIT of control programs Deutz SerDia 2010 (2015) allows you to change not only modes of engine operation or a group, but also configure the ECM, or update the firmware of electronic controle module. ON Deutz SerDia 2010 has an understandable interface and easy to use

DeCOM is genuine Deutz dealer interface with support of two CAN, K/L-Line, J1708 protocols. It is the mostly recommended interface for SerDia 2010 to work on all (EMR2/3/4) controllers. 

SerDia 2010 – diagnostic and programming tool used for Deutz controllers.


Deutz DECOM Communicator Features:
High Quality
Without Software,need pay extra buy software
Compatible software: Deutz SerDia 2010
Free Shipping by Fedex/UPS/DHL
Without software



Deutz Diagnostic Tool Decom Functions:

View real values
Reading and resetting errors
View the engine parameters at the time of failure and register it in the ECM.
Active and slave diagnostics.
Flashing (software update) ECM
Setting the ECM.
ECM Calibration



Deutz DECOM Communicator Supported Controllers:

EMR3 (EDC16UC40, EDC7UC31);
EMR4 (EDC17CV52, EDC17CV52MSV6 / V8, EDC17CV54, EDC1



Deutz DECOM Communicator Diagnostic Tool Technical Parameters:

· K-Line and L-Line interface according ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4. Baudrate up to 500 Kbaud.
· 2 Full Can with max. 1 Mbit/s adjustable, according CAN-specification 2.0A und 2.0B
· USB 2.0 full-speed
· Galvanic isolation of inputs and to the PC
· Power supply from PC, current max. 250 mA
· LEDs for showing state of interface communication:

· working temperature range –20°C bis +60°C storing temperature range –40°C bis +85°C
· type of protection: IP50
· Deutz standard diagnostic plug, 12 pole
· switchable termination resistor
· 1m wiring length: Interface <=> PC fixed on interface with bend protection and cord grip 2m wiring length: Interface <=> ECU fixed on interface with bend protection and cord grip
· power supply from PC
· voltage range: 8-32V
· EMC according DIN ISO 7637-2 DIN EN 61000-4-2, 61000-4-3, 61000-4-4, 61000-4-6, 61000-6-2,61000-6-4


Deutz DECOM Diagnostic Tool Video Show:



Deutz DECOM Communicator Package:

1x Deutz DECOM CANUSB Interface with cable
1x high quality box

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  1. Kristian

    test!work good on my Deutz engine EMR2.

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