Scania VCI3 Diagnostic Tool for Scania Trucks Full Chips High Quality



Scania VCI3 is a special diagnostic tool designed to support all Scania diagnostic systems based on CAN network, it’s a extremely fast yet very compact diagnostic tool.

VCI3 can be connected to the computer via a USB cable or via wireless connection. Wireless connection between the computer and VCI3 can be made in different ways depending on the required area of application and the available options offered by the wireless network. The computer and VCI3 can either be connected via a wireless direct connection (ad-hoc) or communicate via an existing wireless network (infrastructure).


Scania VCI3 Features:

Work on newest Scania SDP3 2.58.1

Can not support models before 2004.


Scania VCI3 Functions:

Check and adjustments
Fault Codes
Fault Reporting
Programming of Control units


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