MTU Engine Diagnostic Kit USB-to-CAN with MTU Diasys 2.74



MTU USB-to-CAN Diagnostic Tool is special for MTU controllers,RCS-5 remote control systems and MCS-5 monitoring and control systems.

The USB-to-CAN V2 is the next generation of the USB-to-CAN interface. With at most two CAN high-speed channels, one CAN low-speed channel and one LIN channel, depending on the product, a large number of application cases in the industrial and automotive fields can be solved.

USB-to-CAN V2 comes in different models. In the USB-to-CAN V2 compact compact model, the CAN connection uses a sub-D9 plug or an optional RJ45 connector. For models with 2 CAN interfaces, each interface is used as an RJ45 connector. A cable adapter to connect to the sub-D9 plug is included with the device. Additional options include CAN interface with galvanic isolation, bulk packaging and support for ISO 11898-3 low-speed CAN and LIN.

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MTU Diagnostic Tool Features:

No need USB dongle

DiaSys 2.74 Inlcuded one PC installation

Support Windows


MTU Diagnostic Tool Functions:

Controller parameter setting

Data recording


MTU USB-to-CAN Diagnostic Kit work on MTU MDEC ECU-4


MTU Diagnostic Tool Package Included:

MTU USB-to-CAN Compact Interface

DB9 to 10-pin cable (for ECU4)

DB9 to 12-pin cable (for ECU7,8,9)

MTU DiaSys 2.74 (One PC installation and activate by remote)

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