2023 Deutz SerDia2010 Highest Level 6 Engine Diagnostic Software



Deutz SerDia2010 (Service-Diagnosis) is a PC software which works together with notebook and interface to communicate with the engine control unit.

Deutz SerDia2010 is the DEUTZ AG diagnostic tool used by service technicians worldwide, which enables professional commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance of all DEUTZ engine series.

Deutz Electronic engine control units (ECU) are state of the art in modern engine technology. Target for these controllers is at first to replace the functions of mechanical governors (like speed governor) and secondly to increase the ability of new functions.
To communicate with the DEUTZ-ECU’s SerDia2010 is needed.

SerDia2010 is working with DEUTZ controller family EMR4(EDC17XXXX)It is possible to use this software to communicate with different ECU’s (XXXX =CV52 or CV54 or CV56).


Deutz SerDia2010 Features:


Dongle Need

Actual version:

Expired date:2099

Competence class:4

Subscription:Lifetime/never expired


Supported interfaces: HS Light II, Decom.

Support Win7,Win8,Win10 and Win10



Deutz SerDia2010 Functions:

Delete Error Memory
Dataset managment
Error Memory
Possible interpactions
Graphical Display
Graphical area
Table area
Print function
Dynamic mesaurement values
Program adjustments
access elevation


Deutz SerDia2010 Supports Engines:
– EMR4 (EDC17CV52, EDC17CV52MSV6/V8, EDC17CV54, EDC17CV56)
– EMR3 (EDC16UC40, EDC7UC31)
– EMR2
– MD1
– EMR L1 (TCD9-18L


Deutz SerDia2010 Support  Engine Controller Units:

TCD 16.0
TCD 7.8
TCD 6.1
TCD 4.1
TCD 12.0
TCD 3.6

… …


Deutz SerDia2010 UseCases EMR4

Engine Settings
overview fuel system
exhaust gas recirculation flap
injector switch off

Oil change

adjustments engine speed-acceleration pedal
constant speed.
Limp home speed
low idle speed
accelerator pedal

Exhaust after treatment
overview SCR
SCR test”
DPF test
EGR test/reset
filter maintanance
EGR-actuator reset

CRT-TIER4 interim
DPF Burner-TIER4 interim
SCR-TIER4 interim
SCRT-TIER4 interim
SCRT-TIER4 final

Service Routines DFP (DOC/SCR)

Input test A55
NOx sensor change
EGR-Cooler change

Counter and EEPROM

Assembly Inspections and Initialisations Tests
Input Test
Output Test

Historical Data/TRIP-Recorder
Leak Test Fuel Injection System

Start-Up Checklist

FAN Control


Deutz SerDia2010 FAQs:

Question 1:how to install Deutz SerDia2010 after USB dongle arrived?

Answer 1:After you get the USB Dongle,please contact my team will remote assistance help you to install it for you.


Question 2:Can i install this Deutz SerDia2010 on many PCs?

Answer 2:Deutz SerDia2010 work need with USB Dongle,without Dongle you can not use it.But you can run it on different PCs with same USB Dongle.


Question 3:What is the Different between Deutz SerDia2010 and SerDia2000?

Answer 3:SerDia2010 support MD1 controller and easier use than SerDia2000.But SerDia2000 with HighII interface with more parameters customize options than SerDia2010.It requires you ware more skillful.


How to Install Deutz SerDia2010 Level 6 on Win10:

Additional information


VMware version, Dongle version

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