VAG EEPROM Programmer V1.19g Download & Installation Service



VAG EEPROM Programmer V1.19g Functions:

Mileage correction
Reading the login from the immobilizer
Reset errors of SRS (Airbag)
Read and clear error codes


VAG EEPROM Programmer V1.19g Features:


OS Requires:Win 7,Win 8 and Win 10

No Need Installation

Compatible Interface:KKL interface(blue),k-line,VAG409.1(5051B)



How to Use VAG EEPROM Programmer 1.19g:

1.Open .bin file. Write EEprom (Encrypted). Hopefully this clears the error and you can continue.

2.Set Newmode. In this mode, you can read SKC if you Read EEprom (Decrypted).

3.Convert current mileage into kilometers. Enter in lower right box.

4.Set Kilometer.

5.Set Back to Adapted Again.

6.Go through VCDS to adapt. SKC for new cluster is 01412.


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