2.5.8 pt geza Universal Car Radio Unlock Code calculator Download


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2.5.8 pt geza is universal car radio unlock code calculator.

Note:After payment,the download link will show on page,if you can not get it please contact us(autoepccatalog@outlook.com)


How to use 2.5.8 pt geza?

1.Read out radio dump file by programmer

2.Select your car brand and chip model

3.Load the radio dump you saved

4.Click “Get code”


2.5.8 pt geza Support Car Chip Models:

Alpine MF2197(24C02)

Alpine MF2199-Audi 10(24C04)

Alpine MF2910-Audi 10(24C04)


Autosound (CXK1012)


Blaupunkt (Z1Z3) Audi Concert 2+

Blaupunkt (Z1Z4) Audi Symphony 2+

Blaupunkt RCD 200/300/500

Blaupunkt (25160)

Blaupunkt FIAT/NISSAN (95320)

Blaupunkt WOODSTOCK (95640)

Blaupunkt Los Angeles MP72(95320)

Blaupunkt CD30 MP3 (95640)

Blaupunkt BOSH (Suzuki lgnis)

Blaupunkt GAMMA VWZ1Z3 (95160)

Blaupunkt Alpha CC VWZ1Z1 (24C01)


Delco CDR 500/2005 (TMS370)

Delphi Delta 6 (Z4Z4) V1 & V2

Delphi RCD 200(Z4Z4)V1 &V2

Delphi New Bettle Monsoon (Z4Z5)

Delphi New Bettle Monsoon (Z4Z7)

Famar VWZ4Z3(24C08)

VW Premium 5 Z4Z7(9355092)

Delphi Premium7 VZ4Z7 (24C16)

Ford TB9121T-9123T(24C01)

Grunding 24C(Audi/Seat/Skoda/Smart)

Grunding CAR 2002 (24C01)

Grunding 68HC11A8/E9/KA4

Grunding EC7xxx(HC11P2)

Grunding RCD30 (24C32)

Honda made by Alpine (93C46)

Honda made by Alpine (93C46) swap

Honda CQ-EH8480Z(24C4)

KIA made by Alpine (24C01)

Pioneer BMW KE-92ZBM (P2100R)

Pioneer BMW KE-93ZBM (P2100R)

Pioneer DEH/KEH (PDG011)

Pioneer DEH-2006 Renault (PDH004)

Volvo (some models)

Philips Renault (24C32/24C64)

Philips CAR400/2004,CCR600/2006

Philips CAR600/CCR800,CDC3


VDO CDR500/2005

Carminat RENRNC400-00(24C64)

VDO MS4150RS Navi(24C32)

Medion 41400 Navi(24C32)

Rover CD-800

Rover 75(Philips)

Rover (Alpine)

Rover Cd213x/413x

Seat Scala (25160)

Seat SE350 SEZ1Z3 (95640)

Sony M800/850/8800 (24C02)

Sony XAV-7W (24C02)

Skoda MS401 (HC11KA4)

Skoda Symphony (TechniSat)