2024 Yale PC Service Tool 5.3 5.1 Diagnostic Software Download & Installation


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Yale PC Service Tool 5.3 is a Windows based diagnostic software for Yale forklift truck,it provides the best connection of the truck with all its systems. In this application, you will find a lot of valuable information that will help you install and understand the PC Service Tool (PCST). This is a variety of technical information, such as charts and tables, recommendations for installation and use, and much more.

Note:After payment you will get download link on page,if you can not get it please contact autoepccatalog@outlook.com.


Yale PC Service Tool 5.3 Features:

Languages:German, English, French, Spanish, Italian,Japanese
Unlimited version,you can install it on many PCs
How to Install guide instruction included.


Yale PC Service Tool 5.3 Functions:

Fault Monitor
Truck Information Screen
Diagnostic Data Monitor
Custom Data Monitor
Impact Events
Databus Viewer
Strip Chart
Record & Playback
Diagnostic Reports
Register & launch 3rd party applications
Access support web site
Truck Setup
Truck Password Management
Operator Checklist
Truck Programming
Language Management
On-line Help
Troubleshooting manual(not included in the application)
Calibration Data Retrieval



Hyster Yale PC Service Tool 5.3 2024 Video

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