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Hyster PC Service Tool 5.3 is an updated set of software that completely supersedes previous versions of this diagnostic tool. This Readme is intended to help the technician use the tool as effectively as possible, and to inform the technician of issues that may be encountered with this version.

It is strongly recommended that the Installation and Use Guide be downloaded from Hypass, and available for reference when the PC Service Tool (PCST) is to be installed. This guide provides valuable information as to compatibility, and how to install and use the PCST

This is a Windows-based service application that provides the best connection of the truck with all its systems. In this application, you will find a lot of valuable information that will help you install and understand the PC Service Tool (PCST). This is a variety of technical information, such as charts and tables, recommendations for installation and use, and much more.


Hyster PC Service Tool Features:



Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian


OS:Window 7,Window 8,Window 10

Region:All Regions

Multi-PCs,how to install guide included


Hyster PC Service Tool Functions:

1. Fault Monitor
2. Truck Information Screen
3. Diagnostic Data Monitor
4. Custom Data Monitor
5. Impact Events
6. Databus Viewer
7. Strip Chart
8. Record & Playback
9. Diagnostic Reports
10. Register & launch 3rd party applications
11. Access support web site
12. Truck Setup
13. Truck Password Management
14. Operator Checklist
15. Truck Programming
16. Language Management
17. Troubleshooting manual (not included in the application)
18. Calibration Data Retrieval


Hyster PC Service Tool Support Models:

Hyster PC Service Tool v5.3

A099, A250, A268, A269, A274, A276, A299, A380, A418, A432, A472, A935, A970, B274, B299, B418, B460, B463, B464, B978, C238, C299, C433, C440, C447, C449, C450, C457, D024, D203, D435, D439, D442, D456, E024, E438, E439, E444, F001, F024, F187, G001, G004, G024, G187, H004, H006, H024, H187, J004, J006, K006, K160, L006, L177, N005, N006, N019, N177, P005, P006, P007, P177, R005, R007, R177, S005, U005

Fortis 1-8Ton Fuel Injector Compensation and Fuel Pump Learn functions for Kubota engines fixed

– A Series Basic Transmission reports PI Curve Data in the Transmission Calibration window now

– A Series Additional diagnostic parameters in General group

– B-series/GPT Truck removal of zeros added to OneSource tech-pub links

– Nuvera FuelCell B2D7 fixed ability to set Baud Rate

– PCST can be closed when communication is lost

—- Adds new series trucks B418 for CCS2 Pallet Truck.




Hyster Yale PC Service Tool 5.3 2024 Video

Additional information


5.1, 5.3

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