VAG ODIS 6.2.0 All Brands & ODIS-Engineering 12.1.1 Download Installation



The Offboard Diagnostic Information System software is the program that provides you with an interface that complies with SAE J2534 (diagnostic interface). This software enables you to diagnose all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini brand vehicles.

Note:After payment you will get download link on page,if you can not get download link please contact us( software need install by yourself,it include installation guide.


ODIS 6.2.0 Diagnostic Software Features:




OS Requirements:Win 7 64 bit and Win 10,must installed in C:\ with more than 60GB free space

All Brands

License:Unexpired version to 2030

Activate only for one PC


ODIS 6.2.0 and ODIS-Engineering 12.1.1 Video Show


ODIS-Engineering Functions:


DTC memory

Measured values

Output Diagnostic Test Mode

Basic Setting



Access Authorization

Diagnostic Session

Data transfer

Special Functions

OBD customer service

Engine group


Transport Mode

Vehicle special functions

Reading the entire system



ODIS 6.2.0 Release Note:

CCB_DS_2472 To avoid ODIS updates on unsupported operating system versions (WIN7), an operating system
check must be implemented in the update process.

#21248 The automatic session cannot be created. Error ODS 4014E
#21276 Global configuration on network share with absolute path not possible


ODIS 12.1.1 Release Note:

Further functions in version 12.1.1
In this section, further implemented functions of version 12.1.1 are listed with their respective Jira ID and title.
– Integration ECF 51.7.0 (configuration: VW D-PDU API 21.1.0 and VW-MCD 14.0.0)
– Deactivation of IPv6 within automatic diagnostic entry via vehicle selection
– Improvement for the diagnostic entry via automatic vehicle project detection

Defect resolution in version 12.1.1
In this section, the resolved defects of version 12.1.1 are listed with their respective defect ID and defect title.
#20959 DHCP assigns IP address for IPv4 too late
#21069 Error after TCP connection interrupt
#21205 Error message while BZD protocol transfer to VDS

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