[09.2022] VW ODIS 10.0 & 7.2.1 All Brands & ODIS-E 12.2.0 & 14.1.0 Installation+Instruction


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VW Offboard Diagnostic Information System ODIS software is the program that provides you with an interface that complies with VAS6154 or VAS5054 (diagnostic interface). This software enables you to diagnose all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini brand vehicles.

Note:After payment you will get download link on page,if you can not get download link please contact us(autoepccatalog@outlook.com).This software need install by yourself,it include installation guide.


ODIS 10.0+ODIS-E 14.1.0 Diagnostic Software Features:

Postsetup  update 09.2022

Size:16.90 GB



OS requires WIN10

All Brands

License:Unexpired version to 2050

You can install it for multi-PCs

it can not support 5054,you need use VAS6154



ODIS 7.2.1+ODIS-E 12.2.0 Diagnostic Software Features:

New Postsetup update to 04.2022




OS Requirements: Win 10,must installed in C:\ with more than 60GB free space

Note:New version 7.2.1 can not support WIN7 (If you need installed it on WIN7,we can supply 6.2.0 version)

All Brands

License:Unexpired version to 2050

You can install it for multi-PCs

Support 5054 and 6154


ODIS 10.0 Diagnostic Software Video Show:

ODIS-Engineering Functions:


DTC memory

Measured values

Output Diagnostic Test Mode

Basic Setting



Access Authorization

Diagnostic Session

Data transfer

Special Functions

OBD customer service

Engine group


Transport Mode

Vehicle special functions

Reading the entire system



Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service7.1.1
#21630:Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service 7.0.0 Application Crash of Golf8 MFC while flash operation
•When flashing the multifunction camera (MFC) for the Vehicle Golf8 the application crashed inmanycases.
•The error has been fixed
#21631 Off board Diagnostic Information System Service 7.0.0 error message while diagnostic exit of Golf
•When executing a diagnostic exit and return to the start screen,the error message “ODS4009E” appeared.The Error occurred after running a flash process.

The errorhas been fixed.

ODIS 6.2.0 Release Note:

CCB_DS_2472 To avoid ODIS updates on unsupported operating system versions (WIN7), an operating system
check must be implemented in the update process.

#21248 The automatic session cannot be created. Error ODS 4014E
#21276 Global configuration on network share with absolute path not possible


ODIS-E 12.2.0 Release Note:

Implementation of dataset upload on web interface
Extension of admin configuration for activation/deactivation of partial flashing
Adaptation for fingerprint procedure
Update mechanism for OE configuration file
Internal documentation extension by security-relevant document
Adaptation of OBD logical link handling
File name extension .PDX is handled case-insensitive
Automatic deletion for build status documents after 30 days
Filtering of invalid characters for manual SFD unlock
Stylesheets adaptation for diagnosis protocols for a group display of eventlog entries
Adaptation of algorithm for kilometer status calculation

In this section, the resolved defects of version 12.2.0 are listed with their respective defect ID and defect title.
#19545 DoIP access load/unload vehicle project only once possible.
#20981 DoIP trace file is empty. The DoIP trace entries aren‘t transferred by VW-MCD to ECF.
#21001 DoIP – Missing tooltip for traffic light symbols within vehicle choice list.
#21025 Error message at flashing.
#21030 PDUSizeLimit default value within config file wrong implemented.
#21048 Vehicle choice (DoIP) – ethernet button wrong displayed
#21122 LogHelper stores collected data in different formats for direct call and call by application
(7z, zip).
#21131 DoIP diagnosis entry wrong in case of double vehicle search.
#21164 Choice of target server within dialog for connection test: SfdServer.
#21170 Flexray-Flash-PDU is not used.
#21191 Old (yellow) logo not used.
#21193 DoIP: activation line after diagnosis exit deactivated.
#21194 DoIP: ethernet button not always displayed.
#21198 Changed path for file vehiclefunction.prefs.
#21231 Call of support news in english language shows german document.
#21253 ODIS Engineering deletes VAS6154 static devices.ini file during overinstallation.
#21258 ODIS Engineering falls into background during configuration of basic setting table.
#21268 OBD deletion over web interface calls only AllOBDSyste.
#21290 DoIP IPA_MaximBuffeSizeTransLayer is always called with value 4095.


ODIS-E 12.1.1 Release Note:

Further functions in version 12.1.1
In this section, further implemented functions of version 12.1.1 are listed with their respective Jira ID and title.
– Integration ECF 51.7.0 (configuration: VW D-PDU API 21.1.0 and VW-MCD 14.0.0)
– Deactivation of IPv6 within automatic diagnostic entry via vehicle selection
– Improvement for the diagnostic entry via automatic vehicle project detection

Defect resolution in version 12.1.1
In this section, the resolved defects of version 12.1.1 are listed with their respective defect ID and defect title.
#20959 DHCP assigns IP address for IPv4 too late
#21069 Error after TCP connection interrupt
#21205 Error message while BZD protocol transfer to VDS

Additional information


ODIS 10.0 & ODIS-E 14.1.0, ODIS 7.2.1 & ODIS-E 12.2.0

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