2018 Volvo VODIA 5 Penta 5.2.5 with Development Diagnostic Software

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Volvo VODIA 5 Penta 5 Diagnosis and repair of marine engines VOLVO performed with the use of hardware and software VOLVO PENTA VODIA, original repair information database, the original special tools, accessories and system accessories.

Note:After payment,please contact online service ( tech team will send you download link and install it for you by remote.


Volvo VODIA 5 Penta Features:
Region:all markets
Development Data:2018
Software version:2018 5.2.5
Support Windows 7-Windows 8- and Windows 10
Support All Volvo PENTA Models
Latest Developer Tools Included For Special Programming and Service Level
Full Online Installation Service Included !

Price only for One PC installation and activation


Volvo VODIA 5 Penta Functions List:
Support All Model And All Verison (Verison2-Version3-Verison4)
Support FULL Diagnose Fault Codes
Diagnostics Fault Codes


Volvo VODIA 5 Penta Supported Engines: 
3.0-8.1 petrol
D3 Marin
D4-D6 Marin
D5-D16 Versatile
D5-D16 Marin
D9-D16 Marin


Volvo VODIA 5 Penta Video Demo:


Volvo VODIA 5 Penta Update Information:


Release Date:2018-12-11

The information below will give you an overview of known issues with the tool. Please take your time to read through this since it may hold information about known workarounds.

DTC:“P102C60 Torque Speed Controll Received with Errors,Counter or Checksum”-EMS engines,Node 1.1.0 with EVC-E3 and above.

This issue concerns DTC that are constantly set(P102C60 Torque Speed Control1 Received with Errors,Counter or Checksum)on the EMS,node 1.1.0 during identification and DTC readout on marine installations with EVC-E3 and above.Could also cause some other error codes on marine EVC-D and above installations as the issue is caused by the system when VODlA switches between the HCU’s.

Parameter Programming Fails -EMS engines, MID128.

This issue concerns Parameter Programming and some specific EMS engines, MID128. The User will receive an error trying to write the parameter. When this happens, the ECU will completely stop responding to any further requests.A restart of the engine controller is necessary. This errorcould occur with earlier versions of VODIA as well but the lower layers never reported it, with the result that everything looks okay. Investigation is ongoing and we’ ve addressed this to other groups within the Volvo Group. Please register an Argus case if you encounter this problem.

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