Volvo Tech Tool Diagnostic Software Training


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Welcome to Volvo’s self-study training for Volvo Tech Tool (VTT) and Guided Diagnostics (GD). When you have finished this training you will:


Be so familiar with VTT and GD that you can start up the applications and practice on your own.

Be aware of the advantages of using VTT and GD for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Feel comfortable in switching between the sub-applications in VTT.

Be aware of how you can use VTT with different levels of connection to the vehicle and to Volvo Central Systems.

When you have completed this training you should take the final test on the Volvo Truck Academy portal, if you work in a country that uses this system.


Note:After payment,the download link will show on page,if you can not get it please contact on Whatsapp or


Volvo Tech Tool Diagnostic Software Training Features:



OS Requires:WIN7,WIN8 and WIN10

Format:PPT file and training program

Support multi-PCs installation


Volvo Tech Tool Diagnostic Software Training Contents:

PPT Files Contents:


Application Walkaround

Begin to work

Operations version 2

Operations version 3

Work orders

Help and Support




Volvo Tech Tool Diagnostic Software Training Video:


Training Software Contents:

Training description



Volvo Tech Tool framework

Volvo Tech Tool workflow

Test Summary

Vehicle identification

Identification exercises

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