[09.2023] Service Analyzer 91.15 for Bobcat Diagnostic Software


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Bobcat Service Analyzer diagnostic software is special PC diagnostic software for Bobcat machine.It allows you to familiarize yourself with the various technical information and functions of this program, with which you can correctly diagnose your equipment and prevent premature breakdowns.

Notice:After payment,please contact on Whatsapp or autoepccatalog@outlook.com.


Bobcat Service Analyzer Features:




OS Requires:Win10 recommend

Interface Language:Czech,German,English,Spanish,French,Italian,Korean,Portuguese,Base, Russian,Simplified Chinese

Database Language: Only English

Price only for ONE PC installation and activation


Bobcat Service Analyzer Functions:

Software updates
Change SN/Options
Clear Controller Data.
Drive pump calibration status
Remote Control
Edit diagnostic screens
Interactive tests and etc.


Bobcat Service Analyzer Support Models:


Excavator 331

Excavator D19(MXGateway)

Excavator E26(MXGateway)

Excavator E35(MXGateway)

Excavator E50


SSL A300(Bob)

SSL A770

SSL S150(Bob)

SSL S62H(R-series Manual)

SSL S850


SSL T595H(Bobcat Engine)

SSL T76H(R-Series SJC)


Telehandler MF8925(Susmic)

Telehandler MF9305(NextGen)

Telehandler T2556(Susmic)

Telehandler T35.130SLP(NextGen)

Telehandler T40.180SLP(R-Series)

Telehandler TH8043(R-Series) Telehandler TL35.70(NextGen)

Telehandler TL360(NextGen)

Telehandler TL38.70HF(NextGen)

Telehandler V417

Toolcat 5600(C)

Toolcat 5610



Bobcat Service Analyzer 91.15 Video Show


Bobcat Service Analyzer Controllers Support:
Main Controller
Service Tool Controller
Workgroup Controller
AII Wheel Steer Controller (AWS)
Drive Controller
Attachment Controller (ACD)
Standard Panel
Forestry Controller
Deluxe Panel
Attachment Display Panel
LLM Controller
Secondary Controller
Display Controller
Mid Controller
Cab Controller
Rear Aux
Light Controller
Bobcat Service Analyzer Update Release Note:
Service Analyzer V90.00 – 13 Jan 2022
1. Fix to Compact Wheel Loader attachment interface not functioning correctly.

Service Analyzer V89.12 – 09 Sep 2021

1. New CWL Hub/Workgroup/Drive Software (V1.2)
a. Attachment Mode Enhancements
– Increased travel speed to 20kmh/12.4mph
– Improved engine horsepower management
– Quicker Forward/Reverse transitions
– Quicker vehicle movement when using very slow speed limits

b. Derating and Thermal
– Increased hydraulic oil temperature derating start from 96C/204.4F to 98C/208.4F
– Increased Air Intake Temperature derating start from 48C/118.4F to 60C/140F
– Increased Air Intake Cooling Fan start point from 53C/127.4F to 55C/131F

c. Park brake does not need to be released to engage/release differential lock

d. Power Exchange Unlock time increased from 5 seconds to 30 seconds

e. Increased Aux flow at maximum paddle position

f. Smoother inching pedal response in attachment mode and standard mode

g. Smoother workgroup lift response

h. Faster automatic park brake response on slope

2. New R-Series Compact Excavator Primary Controller Software (V4.9)
a. Fixes issue with “COLD” message persisting.

3. Increased debounce time value to avoid No Communication faults (K42/43/4404) with TLS R-Series Road Lights and Wipers levers.

4. Fix Frame Leveling wrongly enabled on the following machines:
– T35.130S: B54R11001+
– T35.140S: B54T11001+

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2023.05, 2023.09

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