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What is Servicemaster?
JCB Servicemaster is software for use with Microsoft Windows and a laptop personal computer.The laptop computer is connected to the machine ‘diagnostic socket’ using special cables and an adapter.

Use ServiceMaster software to:
– Display data from machine ECUs
– Change data stored in ECUs

Why Use ServiceMaster?
JCB machines use the latest developments in electronic management of machine systems. This means that machine systems such as service hydraulics, engine,transmission and steering are controlled using electronic control units (ECUs).
The ECUs process inputs from electrical sensors and then output signals to electrical actuators on the applicable devices. The ECUs are also connected to the machine CANbus electronic communication system.

JCB ServiceMaster is an application allowing engineers to diagnose/setup the various electronic control units within the JCB product range. The tools comprises of a Front End GUI allowing the user to select the machine which they wish to work on as well as a number of various tools which allow: programming of electronic control units,the diagnosing of electronic issues, the setup of various
options and checking the service history of the machine.


The ECUs process inputs from electrical sensors and then output signals to electrical actuators on the applicable devices. The ECUs are also connected to the machine CANbus electronic communication system.

Fault Finding
Faults with ECU controlled systems can be difficult or impossible to trace using traditional methods.
In addition to the primary function of machine control the
ECUs are also able to detect possible faults with sensors and actuators. The faults are `logged’ using a code system.
Use ServiceMaster to see and understand these codes.
In addition ServiceMaster has direct links to relevant onscreen help information about relevant devices.This information is designed to help you identify, test, and if applicable, remove and replace devices.

Identify Poor Maintenance
System faults that are present, or have happened in the past can be seen. This is not only useful when fault finding but can also identify poor standards of maintenance. For example a log showing a history of water in fuel detected.
Use ServiceMaster to see and understand these logs.
Access Machine Set Up Data
Machine parameters such as tyre sizes, gear shift points and engine injector calibration codes are all stored and
used by the relevant control ECU’s. During the life of the machine it will be necessary to change some of these parameters. Without the correct data the machine will not operate correctly.

This can only be done with ServiceMaster.
Re-Programming ECUs
The ECU’s use pre-loaded data to compute responses to inputs from sensors. If an ECU is replaced the correct data files must be programmed (`flashed’) into the ECU memory.
New data files may also be issued by JCB Service to improve machine operation. This will also require the ECU to be re-programmed.
This can only be done with ServiceMaster.

With the latest ServiceMaster software loaded on your laptop and you can:
– Fault find
– For fast, effective fault finding.
– Check maintenance standards
– See if the machine has been abused.
– View and change machine set up data
– This can only be done with ServiceMaster.
– Flash ECUs with the correct data files
– This can only be done with ServiceMaster.


Note:After payment you will get download link in page,if you can not get it please contact us (autoepccatalog@outlook.com)


JCB ServiceMaster 4 Features:



Size:About 20GB rar

OS Requirements:Win 7,Win 8 and Win 10


Some functions limited,if you need get full function,you need buy JCB ServiceMaster KG V2 to unlock it


JCB ServiceMaster 4 Functions:

– Troubleshooting;
– Standard Test service;
– View and edit generated data;
– ECU Flash files with the correct data.
– Failure detection
– For a quick and effective fault finding.
– Verify maintenance standards.
– View and change the configuration data of the machine.
– Flash ECU with correct data files.
– Resolution of the problem.
– Verify the service standards.
– View and edit the generated data.


JCB ServiceMaster 4 Unlock Key Generator:

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JCB ServiceMaster 4 Update:

This item is offline version,you can not update online,if you want to update it when new version released,please contact us,my team will provide you with new update version,but you can pay extra fee.


How to Setup JCB ServiceMaster 4 for first time?
To set up Servicemaster for the first time:
1 Install Servicemaster as the instruction show in download files.
2 Start Servicemaster.
3 Load the DLA laptop driver software.
4 Configure the DLA type and communications port.
5 Make sure that the DLA flash memory contains the latest firmware file.
6 Connect Servicemaster to the machine CANbus.


JCB ServiceMaster4 24.6.2 2024.07


JCB ServiceMaster 4 Support Models:

– Backhoe Loaders (Compact Backhoe Loaders, Backhoe loader 3DX series India)
ICX Backhoe Loaders (ICX T4F, ICX Stage V)
3CX/4CX/5CX (3CX, 4CX, 5CX Stage V)
3CX Compact ( 3CX Compact Stage V)
3DX/4DX India (3DX/4DX P790, 3DX/4DX P903 to P907, 3DX/4DX Bosch ECU)
3DX Exports (3DX PRO)

– Excavators (AMS machines, Smart Control machines DECU, X series, Excavators (hydradig), India DECU machines, India DECU 30T Machines).
– AMS Machines (JS/JZ Tracked, JS/JZ Wheeled, JZ70 Range)

Excavators (Hydradig):
Engine Variant Tier 4/UN3
Engine Variant Stage V

– Compact Excavators Mini / Midi (8000 Series Machines, NXG Machines)

Telescopic Handlers
JCB Telescopic Handlers 2007-
JCB Telescopic Handlers 2007+
JCB Telescopic Handlers Tier 4 Engine Tool – Ecomax, 430 Dieselmax
JCB Telescopic Handlers Stage 430 Stage V Dieselmax
JCB Telescopic Handlers V 525-60/505-20 T4F (Kohler TCR Engine)
JCB Telescopic Handlers 525-60 STV (Kohler Stage V Engine)
JCB Compact Loadalls 520-40/504-13TC/516-40/514-40
JCB Electric Loadall
JCB Telehandler India BS3,Telehandler BS4
JCB ROTO Engine Tools – Ecomax

– Skid Steer Loaders (Robot, Skid Steer Loaders Series 3 and Compact Track Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders India, Skid Steer Loaders India BS4, Skidsteer Loaders & Compact Track Loaders Series 3.1)

– Teletruk
JCB Tier4 Teletruk (Kohler TCR Engine)
JCB LPG Teletruk (TLT LPG, Kubota LPG Engine)
JCB Electric Teletruk
JCB Stage V Teletruk (Kohler Stage V Engine)

– Wheeled Loading Shovels (Small, Compact, Medium, Large, Global WLS, Telemasters)
JCB Small Wheeled Loading Shovels 403Plus 403e
JCB Compact Wheeled Loading Shovels Tier 3 CWLS, Tier 4 CWLS, Stage 5 CWLS
JCB Medium Wheeled Loading Shovels:
+ 411, 413 417 Tier 4i
+ 418S Tier 4i
+ 411, 413, 417 Tier 4F
+ 419 Tier 4F
+ 411, 413, 417 Stage 5
+ 419S Stage 5
JCB Large Wheeled Loading Shovels:
+ Tier 2 and 3
+ Tier 4i and 467
+ Tier 4 Final
+ Stage 5
JCB Global WLS Wheeled Loading Shovels:
+ 422ZX 455ZX
+ 426ZX T3, 436ZX T3
+ 455-4
+ 433-4 437-4 430zx Plus-4

JCB Telemasters:
+ TM180 TM220 (TM180/TM220 Tier 3, TM180\TM220 Tier 4i, TM180\TM220 Stage 5)
+ TM310
+ TM320 All Types (TM320 T4i, TM320 Tier 4 Final MK 1, TM320 Tier 4 Final MK 2, TM320 UN3, TM320 Mk3)
+ TM420 All Types (TM420 Tier 4 Final, TM420 UN3, TM420 Mk2)


 Articulated Dump Trucks

– Vibratory Compactors (Tier 3, Interim Tier 4, VMT380/430, VM116)
JCB Vibratory Compactors Tier 3
JCB Vibratory Compactors Interim Tier 4
JCB VMT380\430
JCB CT160\260NXG

– Rough Terrain Forklifts (Tier 2/3 RTFL, Tier 4 RTFL)
JCB Tier 2/3 RTF
Tier 4 RTFL
Tier Stage V RTFL

– Telemasters (TM 180/TM 220, TM 310, TM 320 T4i, TM 320 Tier 4 Final Mk 1, TM 320 Tier 4 Final Mk 2, TM 420 Tier 4 Final)
JCB Telemaster TM180/TM220
+ JCB Telemaster TM180/TM220 Tier 3
+ JCB Telemaster TM180/TM220 Tier 4i
+ JCB Telemaster TM180/TM220 Stage 5
JCB Telemaster TM310
JCB Telemaster TM320 All Types
+ JCB Telemaster TM320 T4i
+ JCB Telemaster TM320 Tier 4 Final Mk 1
+ JCB Telemaster TM320 Tier 4 Final Mk 2
+ JCB Telemaster TM320 UN3
+ JCB Telemaster TM320 Mk3
JCB TM420 Telemaster
+ JCB Telemaster TM420 Tier 4 Final
+ JCB Telemaster TM420 UN3
+ JCB Telemaster TM420 Mk2

– Site Dumpers Group (IT, 3T-2, 6-9T)
JCB Site Dumpers Group IT-2 T4F, IT-2 Stage V, ITE Electric JCB ITHTExxxxx
JCB Site Dumpers Group 3T-2
JCB Site Dumpers Group 6-9T-I, 6-9T-2 Stage V

– Electric Dumpster.


Fastrac Tractors (2000-3000, 3000 Series 2, 3000 Series 3, 3000 Series 4, 4000 Series, 7000 Series, 8250 Series 1, 8250 Series 2, 8000 Series 3, 8000 Series 4)
JCB Fastrac Tractor 2000 Series
JCB Fastrac 3000 All Types
+ JCB Fastrac Early 3000
+ JCB Fastrac 3000 Series 2
+ JCB Fastrac 3000 Series 3
+ JCB Fastrac 3000 Series 4
JCB Fastrac Tractors4000 All Types
+ JCB Fastrac 4000 Series 1
+ JCB Fastrac 4000 Series 2
+ JCB Fastrac 4000 Series 3
JCB Fastrac Tractors 7000 Series
JCB Fastrac Tractors 8000 Series
+ JCB Fastrac 8250 Series 1
+ JCB Fastrac 8250 Series 2
+ JCB Fastrac 8000 Series 3
+ JCB Fastrac 8000 Series 4
+ JCB Fastrac 8000 Series 5
+ JCB Fastrac 8000 Series6

Telescopic Handlers (2007-, 2007+, Tier4, 525-60 Compact Loadall)
JCB Agricultural Telescopic Handlers 2007-
JCB Agricultural Telescopic Handlers 2007+
JCB Agricultural Telescopic Handlers Tier 4
JCB Agricultural Telescopic Handlers Series 3
JCB Agricultural Telescopic Handlers 525-60 T4F
JCB Agricultural Telescopic Handlers 525-60 STV

Wheeled Loading Shovels (Small, Compact, Medium, Large, Telemasters)
JCB Agricultural Wheeled Loading Shovels Small

JCB Agricultural Compact Wheeled Loading Shovels
+ Tier 3 CWLS
+ Tier 4 CWLS
+ Stage 5 CWLS

JCB Agricultural Medium Compact Wheeled Loading Shovels:
+ 411, 413, 417 Tier 4i
+ 418 Tier 4i
+ 411, 413, 417 Tier 4F
+ 419S Tier 4F
+ 419 Stage V

JCB Agricultural Large Compact Wheeled Loading Shovels:
+ Large
+ Large T4i
+ Tier 4 Final (427/437/435S T4F, 457 T4F)
+ Stage 5 (427/437/435S/457 STV)

Telemasters (TM220, TM310, TM320 T4i, TM320 Tier 4 Final Mk 1, TM320 Tier 4 Final Mk2, TM420 Tier 4 Final)
JCB Agricultural Telemasters TM180/TM 220
+ TM180\TM220 Tier 3
+ TM180\TM220 Tier 4i
+ TM180\TM220 Stage 5
JCB Agricultural Telemaster TM310
JCB Agricultural TM320 Telemasters All Types
+ TM320 T4i
+ TM320 Tier 4 Final Mk 1
+ TM320 Tier 4 Final Mk 2
+ TM320 UN3
+ TM320 Mk3
JCB Agricultural TM420 Telemasters All Types
+ TM420 Tier 4 Final
+ TM420 UN3
+ TM420 Mk2

JCB Waste Telescopic Handlers 2007+ Tier3, Tier4

Wheeled Loading Shovels (427/437/435S T4F, 457 T4F)
+ JCB Wastemaster 427/437/435S T4F
+ JCB Wastemaster 457 T4F Stage 5
+ JCB Wastemaster 427/437/435S/457 Stage 5

Generators (Search Manually, Tier 4 Final, Generators India Build, Powerpack)

Defence Telehandlers
JCB Defence Telehandlers 527-58M Light Capability Rough Terrain Forklift

JCB Access
+ JCB Dieselmax 444 Engine(DCM3.3)
+ JCB Ecomax 444/448 Engine (DCM3.3+)
+ JCB Dieselmax 672 Engine(DCM2.7)
+ JCB Dieselmax 430/448 Engine (DCM7.24)
+ Kohler TCR Engine
+ Kohler StageV Engine
+ Perkins 400J-E Stage V Engine

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