Fendt AG Tractor 2010 to 2024 English Service Bulletin PDF



Fendt AG Tractor 2010 to 2024 English Service Bulletin PDF

Fendt AG Tractor 2010 to 2024 Service Bulletin
Size: 372 MB
Format: PDF
Language: English
Brand: Fendt
Type of Machine: Agricultural
Type of Manual: Service Bulletin
Date: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

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1042123.pdf Fendt ACM 05.02.07 Software Update on Tech Connect Diagnostics
1037553.pdf Issue with the Deutz Update Tool when used in conjunction with Fendias
PSP 2023115 – 700 Gen6 Transmission – Valve block bore too large 1036577.pdf PSP 2023115 – 700 Gen6: Transmission – Valve block bore too large
1056468.pdf PSP 202285 – Replacement of Fendt Precision Farming Control Units Without Bluetooth
1052285.pdf MAN Engine – Introduction of Hydraulic Valve Adjusters (HVA)
1051561.pdf PSP 2023110 Weak Bluetooth® Connection DCU-VD0X
1051558.pdf PSP 2022152 – Track Tractors Cab Harness Inspection
1050708.pdf Fendt ACM 05.02.07 Software Update on Tech Connect Diagnostics
1050532.pdf 200 VFPS Gen3 Software Special Release
1050382.pdf Categories of PSPs and changes in the PSP number sequence
1050375.pdf PSP 232109 – Front Axle: Toe-in set incorrect
1050374.pdf PSP 242132 – Exhaust Serial Number Verification
1049195.pdf PSP 202330 – Drivetrain – Conversion of the Disc Brake
1042548.pdf PSP 23821 The steering column switch cannot be updated
1042342.pdf PSP 232072 – 200 S Vario Gen3 : Front Loader : Hose package is connected to lighting
1042259.pdf PSP 232108 – Insufficient torque at the alternator and A/C bracket screws
1042247.pdf PSP 232081 – 800 S4 Engine: V-ribbed pulley thread torn out


939875.pdf New Clamp and Fastener for Deutz Engine TCD 4.1, TCD 6.1, TTCD 6.1
956421.pdf PSP 202234 – Retrofit Infotainment Unit H218PB257506C
967733.pdf PSP 202327 – Powertrain – Replacement of the Vario Drive Block
967834.pdf Information about the shortage of infotainment units
971524.pdf PSP 202258 – Track Tractors Charge Air Cooler Hose Replacement
975700.pdf New Diagnostics and Firmware Package for Tractors with the New Drivers Workplace May 2023
975991.pdf PSP 202311 – Engine oil filter cover replacement
987503.pdf PSP 2022160 – Replacement of the Cable for the Electric Battery Disconnect Switch And Conversion of the CAT4 Cabin Air Filtration System
989138.pdf PSP 202313 – Replacement Of The Fan Bracket Bearing
989231.pdf PSP 2021170 – Track Tractors Starter Motor Inspection
989468.pdf PSP 202329 – Clean hydraulic oil
989628.pdf PSP 202334 – Front loader: Tipping cylinder leaking
989695.pdf PSP 202332 – EGR venturi pipe replacement
989760.pdf PSP 202263 – Track Tractors Alternator Torque
989763.pdf PSP 202356 – Track Tractors Replacement of the Accelerator Pedal
989904.pdf PSP 202127- Track Tractors Trailer Brake Valve Replacement
990160.pdf PSP 202290 – Replacement of the reverse lever to prevent sluggishness or locking
990170.pdf PSP 202353 – Powertrain – Pressure Line Replacement on ML180
990715.pdf PSP 202379 – MCF file is incomplete
1004716.pdf PSP 202213 – Track Tractors Air Compressor Outlet Line
1005046.pdf PSP 202376 – 200V Front Axle: Pinion shaft breaks
1014784.pdf PSP 202378 Retrofit Infotainment Unit H218PB257506C
1022644.pdf PSP 2023121 – 500 Gen3: Wrong oil dipstick installed
1023715.pdf PSP 2023227 – Hydraulics – Steering System Contamination
1024544.pdf 900 Vario Gen6: Important changes with EOL 7.91
1025172.pdf Fendt Cargo T955 / T740 diagnostics
1025415.pdf PSP 23826 – T740 Cargo: Optimization of the rear lower slide fastener
1025797.pdf PSP 23843 – Cab/Operator Station Air Conditioner Compressor not fully filled with oil
1026125.pdf New Diagnostics and Firmware Package for Tractors with the New Operators Workplace November 2023
1028885.pdf Data Sheet for the Bosch Supply Module and the Dosing Module
1028912.pdf PSP 23829 – 700 Gen7: Fuel line with integrated valve
1028980.pdf Data Sheet for the Cummins Supply Module and Dosing Module
1029621.pdf Engine – Introduction of a New Coolant Fluid
1037728.pdf 200 S3 – PTO Performance and Fuel Consumption (ISO 1585)
1037732.pdf PSP 23824 – T740 Cargo: Optimization of the cab suspension operation.
1037769.pdf 300 Gen4 – PTO Performance and Fuel Consumption
1037832.pdf PSP 23853 – Engine damage due to faulty connection sleeve
1037833.pdf PSP 23823 – T740 Cargo: Fault message when the ignition switch is set to off
1038063.pdf PSP 23825 – T740 Cargo: Air compressor bracket fasteners can loosen
1050523.pdf United Kingdom PSP 2022163 – ACM Replacement Program for Fendt Machines – Phase 1
1050530.pdf PSP 2022163 – ACM Replacement Program for Fendt Series – Phase 1


746171.pdf Error Code 20.1.15 or CEAG-523756-31 with NovAtel Receiver
748299.pdf PSP 202214 – Control of the Casting Date on the Front Axle Bracket
748319.pdf Drivetrain Retightening of Screw Connections in the Area of the Rear Axle Housing
749198.pdf PSP 2021221 – Holder Replacement of the Front Loader Connection Hoses
749205.pdf PSP 2021272 Update of the Camera Connections (Analogue 1 and 2)
749298.pdf Handling of Torsion Vibration Dampers of DEUTZ Engines
750748.pdf No forced programming NovAtel SMART7 Hardware Version 3.10 and higher
750751.pdf Error in the Track Line Creation with EOL7.88
751042.pdf Modification of the Lubricant for CV Joints
753220.pdf PSP 2021244 – Hydraulic Fan Drive – Pressure Hose Replacement
753683.pdf No xFill at Trimble AG482
753708.pdf PSP 2021227 – Hydraulic System – Draft Link and Accumulator Collision
754490.pdf PSP 2021273 Software Update EDC by MAN
754539.pdf PSP 202230 Drivetrain Replacement of the Vario Insert
756203.pdf Novatel Smart6-L No Position with RTK and FC 20.1.A2
756335.pdf Up-to-Date Additional Training Offerings to Prepare for the 2022/2023 Training Season
758907.pdf Track Tractor Diagnostic Tool Model Year 2021 and Newer
759615.pdf Replacement of Screws on the Hydraulic Oil Heat Exchanger and the Transmission Oil Cooler
759734.pdf PSP 2020148 – Air Intake Tube Replacement
759828.pdf New Diagnostic and Firmware Package for Tractors with the New Drivers Workplace – May 2022
759987.pdf PSP 202245 – Axles / Casting Date 230321 on the Front Axle Stand
759991.pdf PTO Power and Fuel Consumption 500S4 and 500Gen3
759995.pdf PSP 2020140 – Moisture Ingress Into Implement Control Module
830436.pdf PSP 202280 – Rear Brake – Cylinder Pin Replacement
836272.pdf New diagnostic and firmware package for tractors with new driver’s workplace July 2022
903467.pdf PSP 202215 – Not Recognized SIM Card / VD04 Box Replacement
933727.pdf Trimble RTX signal changes
934523.pdf PSP 202237 – Replacement of linear modules due to incorrect DLL programming
951673.pdf PSP 202250 – Hydraulic Tank Sensor Replacement Due To Insufficient Level Display
968456.pdf PSP 202293 – Replacement of the drive lever MCM
739361.pdf PSP 2020246 – Electrical System – Replacement MCM (control lever)

1037725.pdf 800 S4: Engine Complaints TTCD6.1
680086.pdf PSP19219 Incorrect Fuel Level Sensor Reading 900 Vario MT
680732.pdf PSP2085 Conversion of the Oil Pressure Line of the Crankcase Ventilation 1100 MT
681247.pdf PSP2096 Replace the Ring Cable Lug of the 1100 MT Body Harness
681262.pdf PSP20178 – Powertrain Valve Block Replacement
685294.pdf Failure of the EHR-Control Unit 200V/F/P Error Code 08.1.18
685396.pdf PSP20215 Transmission Conversion of the Pressure Filter Housing
687262.pdf Trimble AG382 Error Code 20.1.15
687552.pdf PSP20185 – Sporadic Malfunctions at the Seat Switch in Cold Conditions
687597.pdf Programming of Machines With New Driver Workstation
688661.pdf Drivetrain Change of Adjustment Instructions in the Disc Brake Area
688708.pdf Change the Wiring on the TK Valve
688983.pdf PSP20171 ACM Rollover
689021.pdf Calibration Instructions Drive Lever (MCM) M219PB256441C and V220PB256441C
689950.pdf Smart Connect Unlock on Tractors with New Driver’s Workstation
695140.pdf New Software Package – New Driver’s Workstation April 2021
695163.pdf PSP2193 – Engine – Check and Replacement of the Fuel Filter
696392.pdf Drivetrain Rear Wheel Brake Standard Setting of the Readjustment
700972.pdf PSP21120 – Hydraulics – Replacement of the Hydraulic Oil Dipstick
701797.pdf PSP21142 Electrics MCF update
702301.pdf New Diagnostics and Firmware Pack for Tractors with a New Driver’s Workstation June 2021
702509.pdf Bearing of the Rear Linkage Shaft Changed
703476.pdf Charge Pump Hydraulic Line Change
703494.pdf Stud Bolt of the Fan Pulley Available as Spare Part
704613.pdf Change of HVAC Display and Fault Codes
705000.pdf Drivetrain Rear Brake Information on Testing and Setting a Functional Braking System
705065.pdf PSP216 – Hydraulics – Conversion of the Front Linkage
705521.pdf PSP2021152 Air Intake Tube Replacement
705557.pdf PSP2021168 – Electronic – Software Update
705768.pdf Drilling Pattern of the Roof Panel for Retrofitting a Novatel Smart7 Receiver
705830.pdf PSP2021161 – Wheels Replacement of Rear Right Wheel Spring Washers
706580.pdf PSP2021162 – Cab Replacement of the Hand Brake Lever Bolt
707010.pdf Smart Connect Weather Snap-In
710661.pdf PSP2021121 – Drivetrain – Conversion of the Disc Brake
712712.pdf Release of New Warranty Manual for Fendt and Valtra
712847.pdf PTO Performance and Fuel Consumption FENDT 900 Vario Gen6
717682.pdf PSP2021211 – Driveline – New Pressure Filter Housings Cannot Be Opened
717695.pdf PSP 2021148 – Hydraulic System – Replacement of Screws in the Area of Pump Installation
726846.pdf PSP 2021149 – Frame – Replacement of the Comfort Ballast Housing Sub-Frame
726974.pdf Unauthorized Modification of Power on Agricultural Machines and Tractors – Change on Submission of Warranty Claims
727166.pdf PSP 2021127 – Hydraulic Top Link Male Coupler Replacement
734958.pdf PSP 2021242 – Software Update for Wireless Job Submission from TaskDoc
738884.pdf PSP 2021137 – Air System – Replacement of the Solenoid Valve
741424.pdf New Diagnostic and Firmware Package for Tractors with the New Drivers Workplace November 2021
745983.pdf Unnecessary Replacement of the Dosing Valve Y120
746067.pdf Improved Fan Bearing Console
756382.pdf PSP 202135 – Cab Walkway Light Improvement
944938.pdf New diagnostic and firmware package for tractors with new drivers workplace December 2022
676025.pdf PSP20244 – Drivetrain – Conversion of the Disc Brake
678805.pdf Replacement of the Control Unit of Deutz Engines with Emission EU Stage IV, EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier4Final


619329.pdf ‘NEW’ Tech Connect
630556.pdf ‘NEW’ Tech Connect – Service Tags
1038055.pdf KDM 04/20 – Complaints reference engine TTCD 6.1
625422.pdf FSW1017 – Cover Sealing On 900 Gen6 Series Tractors
627144.pdf Shipment of Damaged Engines, Replacement Engines and Short Blocks (DEUTZ and MAN Only)
627419.pdf PSP2048 Pneumatic Handbrake Replacement of the Spring Brake Cylinder
628208.pdf Replacement of the Engine Control Unit (Deutz)
629057.pdf Aftersales E-Learning Dealer Training Free of Charge!
631165.pdf PSP19265 – Replacement of the Bearing Pin in the Area of the Parking Brake
634220.pdf FSW1019 Replacement Bracket for the Steering Tower Lock
634874.pdf PSP2050 Check of the Front Loader Valve Block
636629.pdf PSP19143 – 9.8L Engine Vibration Damper
637205.pdf PSP2053 Replacement of the Fuel Level Sensor (B007)
637664.pdf Gyro Calibration Loop and Incorrect Headland Line
638463.pdf PSP20102 – Drivetrain – Re-tighten the Screw Connections in the Clutch Housing Area
653250.pdf New Operator’s Manual for Fendt 900 Vario MT
653255.pdf How to Keep Serial Numbers of Main Tractor Components Up-to-Date
653479.pdf Cleaning Recommendations for Plastic Engine Covers and Mudguards (PMMA)
658286.pdf KDM 25/20 – Installation of the Fan Bearing Kit MAN D1556
661873.pdf Tech Connect Diagnostics
665486.pdf Subject
667906.pdf Service for Engines of Fendt Cargo T955
667921.pdf Notes On How To Perform a DPF Standstill Regeneration
671154.pdf PSP2081 – Thermostat/Coolant hose (Deutz TCD 6.1)
671196.pdf PSP2098 – Defective Rear PTO Guard Assembly, Install Hexagon Flange Nuts
671614.pdf PSP20133 – Replacement of the Armrest, Conversion of the Camera Connection, Software Update and PSP20239 – Replacement of the Hydraulic Controls
672551.pdf Changeover of the Transmission Pressure Filter
672603.pdf PSP20156 – Replacement of the Armrest With the Terminal and the Camera Connection
674473.pdf PSP20243 – Software-Reset Trimble Receiver AG482
674804.pdf Accessory Activation with Tech Connect Diagnose
677725.pdf PSP20216 – Battery Disconnect Switch Replacement
677971.pdf Hardware Requirements for a Diagnostic PC
678814.pdf OmniSTAR Frequency Change


556658.pdf Sending in damaged engines, short engines and short blocks
559798.pdf New registration process for machines in AGCOnet
564045.pdf Faulty K-line diagnostic cable
564204.pdf PSP187 – Replace bolts on the front-end weight
564305.pdf PSP1824 – New engine software
564308.pdf RP8286 – Replace the bolts on the front axle
564407.pdf Modified bearing flange on the drive train mounting or the PTO clutch
565463.pdf New version of FENDOC Sync (version 1.7) now available
565683.pdf Return of defective parts
566308.pdf Frequency change in correction signals
566318.pdf Do not use Reman diesel particulate filters within the warranty period
566587.pdf Return condition of tank sensors/damaged parts
566624.pdf PSP1831 – Replacement of the AdBlue® flow valve
566879.pdf PSP1931 – Subsequent work on the fan bearing
567080.pdf PSP tighten screw connections
567154.pdf Guidance Systems – GPS-Week Rollover
567458.pdf Troubleshoot the reversible fan
569218.pdf PSP1837 – New engine software
569234.pdf Modification of the fuse box
569449.pdf Transmission Software Logic Change
569450.pdf Identification of the engine
569451.pdf Lookup of the engine serial number in EPSILON Web
569555.pdf Improvements to EDT Installation and Update Process
569564.pdf Replacement Cylinder Blocks for the 84 non-HLA Engines
570663.pdf PSP199 – replacement of the overflow valve following the programming of EOL 7.84
575531.pdf New exhaust manifold seals
575532.pdf New coolant line
575660.pdf New vibration damper
575724.pdf VarioGrip Compressed air supply information message
577661.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption 700 Vario S4
577908.pdf PSP19127 Tighten screw connections in the area of the rear power lift
580006.pdf RP8266 – Replacement of the brake piston gaskets
581605.pdf Damaged part labels
582865.pdf MT NOx sensor service and diagnostic information
583158.pdf Retightening of the cylinder head bolts S737007020010 (M20x110-10,9OB3) on the mower discharging springs
583615.pdf Guidelines for the completion of warranty and goodwill claims
583707.pdf PSP19137 – Compressed air line brushes against the rear of the cab
585815.pdf PSP19215 – Inspection of the left joint casing on the front axles 725_166 and 725_147
590450.pdf PSP Two-chamber air dryer inspection
590811.pdf PSP19129/PSP19136 – Air conditioning, condenser fans (M028,M029,M030,M034), F11 fuse blows
591852.pdf RP3332 – E Series HUSCO Controller Replacement
591878.pdf PSP19167 Air compressor Drain Adaptor Fitting Replacement
591962.pdf PSP19152 – Steering Behavior Changes
592110.pdf PSP19109 – Right front cab support, bolt replacement
593601.pdf FSW1014 wide load cover
593608.pdf PSP1950 – Hydraulic Fan Filter Assembly Replacement
594048.pdf PSP19181 and PSP1946 Charge air cooler hose replacement
594051.pdf PSP19116 – Steering Hose Clamp Hardware Replacement
604405.pdf PSP19235 Incorrect guide bolt for the front axle
612074.pdf PSP19186 Incorrect Power Beyond Operation
612743.pdf PSP19107 Deluxe HVAC Blower Motor Improvement
625320.pdf Change of Vario insert bearing for the Vario 900
625323.pdf Change of Vario insert bearing for the Vario 800
556608.pdf Machine components in the AGCONet machine database


511728.pdf New Operator’s Manual 2018-02 (EOL 7.83)
547919.pdf New Operator’s Manual 2018-11 (EOL 7.84)
509549.pdf RP8257 – Retighten the crown wheel screws
510011.pdf RP8260 – Replacement of the cardan shaft screws
511983.pdf “OnlineHelp” language packs available in AGCONET/DOCUMENT CENTER
512815.pdf RP8242 – Inspection of the front axle suspension diaphragm accumulator
514281.pdf RP8259 – Replacement of PTO stub shaft
514427.pdf FENDIAS update to EOL 7.83
514428.pdf The engine error log and other important engine data
514449.pdf RP8262 – Replace the thrust rings
514709.pdf New contact form for warranty extension
514713.pdf RP8253/RP8254/RP8255 – Replace the ball coupling
514755.pdf Torque value for transmission housing bolts
518296.pdf Track Tractor Cold Start Instructions
518299.pdf AGCO Power Engine ECU´s
518429.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption 900 Vario S4
518622.pdf New Stud Bolts For The Rocker Arm Mechanism
521388.pdf Procedure/shipping the damaged parts after oil consumption, 700 Vario S4/900 Vario S4
522273.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption 1000 Vario S4
522277.pdf Change in speed within 4 weeks of leaving the plant
524859.pdf Tech Connect New Features
525114.pdf Procedure/shipping the damaged parts after oil consumption, 700 Vario S4/900 Vario S4
525589.pdf Changes to the Warranty Registration Process
529339.pdf Engine Side Panels Loose
529340.pdf Improved Pivoting Step Module
529445.pdf Return requests for Reman parts
529455.pdf Key Switch Does Not Shut Down Engine
529458.pdf Rework intake air pipe
529573.pdf EDT Conflicts With Antivirus Software
529575.pdf Transmission Ratio Calibration
529674.pdf Gasket of the cylinder head connection part
529675.pdf New gasket for the return oil pipe of the turbocharger
530782.pdf VD03 failures caused by a broken SIM card slot
532704.pdf Change to the frequency of the correction signal for TerraStar by NovAtel
533973.pdf Oil In HUSCO Proportional Cartridge Connector (ECM)
534349.pdf Defective parts request
534390.pdf Personal protective clothing during training
535628.pdf Series introduction for new hydraulic screw couplings
536260.pdf Removing wax on new tractors new tractors
536265.pdf RP3344 – Windshield Wiper Replacement
536266.pdf RP3348 – Incorrect Air Conditioning Refrigerant Charge
536424.pdf Air Conditioning Refrigerant Capacity Incorrect
536426.pdf AGCO Net – Fendt Vehicle Spec Search – Fendt Machine Registration now GDPR compliant (Data Privacy Regulations 2018 in Europe)
536449.pdf Electrically controlled fan (Viscotronic)
536467.pdf Surface protection related to winter applications and applications involving excessive use of plant protection
536576.pdf Oil Leak at the Clean Oil Return Hose Fitting
536632.pdf Torque Value for Transmission Insert Support Rods
536659.pdf RP8256/RP8258 – Replacement of the valve cover
539364.pdf RP8265 Replace the oil dipstick
539409.pdf RP8270 Replacement of the intake socket
543105.pdf RP8284 – Check the tightening torque
543232.pdf RP8283 – Installation of prefilters for the emergency steering pump
547920.pdf Flexible mounting shaft conversion of the bearing bushings on the drive train
548026.pdf Modification of hydraulic couplings
548027.pdf RP8272 Replacement of engine sign plate for AGCO Power
548029.pdf RP3341 Cab Noise Reduction
548036.pdf Three Point Hitch and Rear Fender Interference
548038.pdf RP3343 Hardbar Damper Hardware Replacement
548908.pdf RP8263/RP8264 Replacement of bolts without coating
548911.pdf Brake Secondary Bleeding Instructions
548918.pdf Hood Adjustment Procedures
549669.pdf New Features in Tech Connect
556386.pdf RP7781 – 16.8L Engine Electrical Harness Replacement
556854.pdf RP7788 – Rocker Arm Shaft Bracket Stud Bolt Replacement
559851.pdf Deluxe HVAC Water Valve Replacement
565575.pdf RP8269 – Engine software (BSW) update for EEA tractor
505488.pdf RP8233 – Replace the shield plate
505571.pdf RP8252 Inspection of the multi-disc limited-slip differential
505651.pdf Procedure in case of error code 1D.1.4C
506307.pdf RP8244 – Replacement of spring rings
506309.pdf RP8246 – Replacement of the cab bearing bracket


483534.pdf Cleanup of the SCR catalyst
1028509.pdf Revision on Procedure: Having established oil consumption (900 Vario S4)
1039543.pdf Revision on procedure: Having established oil consumption (700 Vario S4)
458287.pdf SOURCE NEWS January 2017 and general information on troubleshooting on the tractor exhaust gas after-treatment system (Deutz S4 motors)
463229.pdf VarioGuide (Topcon): Tractor does not drive on the selected wayline
464815.pdf Exhaust manifold gaskets no longer installed
465716.pdf Cleaning of main dry air filter cartridge is no longer permitted
466524.pdf Return of defective parts in cases of goodwill
468903.pdf Compressed air system with electronically controlled air dryer
469094.pdf RP8207 Conversion of compressed air lines
471136.pdf Conversion of vehicle identification numbers from 9 or 10 digits to 17 digits (FIN17)
471753.pdf Customer complaint “lubricating oil consumption too high
472280.pdf Re-tightening the comfort front ballast mounting:
472281.pdf New injector sealing washers
473660.pdf New 160-pin adapter box (X899.980.600.000)
475771.pdf Inspection of the brake system
477558.pdf Sending in damaged engines, short engines and short blocks
477957.pdf New maintenance certificate in AGCONET
477960.pdf RP8232 – New engine software
478014.pdf Build-up of crop residues around the exhaust system
478352.pdf RP8231 Replacement of the mini measuring connection point
479482.pdf Return of defective parts
482244.pdf RP8219 Replace the bearing pin in the suspension cylinder
482430.pdf Defective parts request
483533.pdf RP8237 Replace the oil dipstick
483734.pdf RP8239/8240 – Check the steering brake valve G931.151.071.112
483754.pdf RP8229 Update of the AdBlue® sampling unit
483755.pdf RP8234 Replace the support frame for the comfort ballast mounting
490494.pdf Surface protection related to winter applications and applications involving excessive use of plant protection
492699.pdf New valve cover
492717.pdf New version of FENDOC Sync available
492772.pdf RP8247/8248/8249 – Replacement of the drawbar on the drawbar system
492860.pdf RP8238 – Conversion to LED rotary beacon
493175.pdf RP8243 – Replacement of pressure relief valve 1
494112.pdf Recommended replacement of the DEF flow valve
494113.pdf RP8241 – Replacement of engine sign plate
503884.pdf Change to the valve clearance adjustment interval
509450.pdf TechConnect/SOURCE NEWS September 2017
509566.pdf SOURCE NEWS May 2017
509594.pdf SOURCE NEWS June 2017
509616.pdf TechConnect/SOURCE NEWS October 2017
509640.pdf TechConnect NEWS – November 2017
510274.pdf SOURCE NEWS April 2017


301782.pdf Varioterminal NT01 – Replacing the external control panel
301792.pdf SOURCE knowledge base
306191.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption – 800 Vario S4
307714.pdf 42430 Laying cable harness body left behind the fuel tank
307723.pdf Fuels
307726.pdf Permissible engine oils for the 300 Vario S 4
307729.pdf Transmission frequency setting for the Trimble receiver
307979.pdf Engine oil DQC IV LA for Vario 800/900S4
308136.pdf Multiple requests for stationary regeneration
308137.pdf Electronically controlled air dryer on the 700 Vario S4
308141.pdf Hand brake pressure switch S080 H835.150.030.100
308235.pdf New alternator regulator
308251.pdf Earth connection for the air conditioning compressor
339781.pdf RP8204 A – Replacement of the sound insulators
339897.pdf Revised FENDOC available – FENDOC sync
340057.pdf SOURCE NEWS June 2016
340171.pdf FENDT Warranty System in AGCONet Current Information New process for dealer contact data and defective part
340172.pdf RP8204 B – Replacement of the sound insulator
342319.pdf Assignment of Fendt engine oils
343209.pdf Discontinuation of the non-return valve on the return filter in the clutch housing and filter-cover repair kit
346362.pdf Change to oil filling quantity for the front axle
346470.pdf SOURCE NEWS July 2016
347145.pdf Reduction of power of DEUTZ engines
350206.pdf EAME Fendt Tractors / Harvesting Warranty Organisation
351299.pdf RP8195 Conversion of the B192 CSF differential pressure sensor on version with sheet metal
351300.pdf RP8212 Replacement of locking bolt on towing hitch
353155.pdf Remarks on error code 1D.1.16 (supplementary to KDM 10/16)
355295.pdf Fuel additive (replaces KDM )
395515.pdf RP8209 – Front loader damping, retrofit of the missing diaphragm accumulators
427171.pdf SOURCE NEWS September 2016
427389.pdf Defective parts request
427619.pdf Procedure for complaints relating to engine oil consumption
441220.pdf Defective parts request
450868.pdf “OnlineHelp” language packs available in AGCONET/DOCUMENT CENTER
455345.pdf Assignment of Fendt engine oils (replaces KDM 30/16)
463066.pdf Bolts and standard parts with VDA coating
427571.pdf New operating instructions for EOL June 2016


242564.pdf Switch to fuel prefilter with thermostat valve in series production
242572.pdf RP8192 – Conversion Deutz Engine TTCD 6.1
242578.pdf Frequent failure B192
242583.pdf CV joints on front axle drive shaft
242587.pdf Tractors with digital tachograph VDO DTCO 1381
245077.pdf Hydraulic oil return line filter
245080.pdf Change to new sealing rings on pressure switches
245084.pdf Installation instructions for valve block G835960025010 – 015
245296.pdf Changes to the rear axle housing and bevel drive
245298.pdf Front PTO changes and installation instructions
246610.pdf Pressure relief valve/shock valve suspension DBV-HPS
246619.pdf Delivery stop for brake cylinder G524.100.070.050
246726.pdf Retightening the injector clamping jaw when adjusting the valve clearance (2000 hours)
246945.pdf Installation instructions fuel tank
246959.pdf Conversion 9-blade fan to 11-blade fan F737.200.042.120
246968.pdf Returning parts that are subject to the “Reman Process”
247052.pdf Dealer activation in AGCONET, permits online generation of the immobiliser activation file through dealers
247057.pdf Change in the delivery address for defective parts
247064.pdf RP8197 – Retrofit bracket 743.200.730.020 (engine cable harness)
247069.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption – 500 Vario SCR (St3b)
247075.pdf Availability of brake cylinder G524.100.070.050
247168.pdf New sealing washer on injector and modifications to tightening specifications for screws on the injector clamping jaw
247176.pdf FENDIAS V2.2015 program package available since CW30/2015
247181.pdf Air-conditioning filling capacities
247189.pdf RP8201 Conversion coolant expansion line 954.200.720.310
242011.pdf RP8191 Modification of connector X2618
242124.pdf RP8190 – Conversion of separation point X2618 on red seal
242128.pdf FENDIAS V1.2015: Changes to EOL program licensing; effective with FENDIAS V2.2015 (approx. July 2015)
242231.pdf Checking and cleaning the Deutz SCR system
242465.pdf ML260 transmission unit screw unions on pumps and engine housing

249408.pdf With the introduction of the Fendt 800 / 900 Vario S4 series, we would like to inform you about the following.
249430.pdf AGCONET Document Center and FENDOC-DVD
249457.pdf SOURCE NEWS – July 2014
249460.pdf Newly available spare parts (adhesive labels) for the Farmer 200 VFPS series
249470.pdf English Recalibration steering angle sensors fo r VarioGuide tractor up to series production date 03 Dec 2013 recommended
249505.pdf SOURCE NEWS March 2014
249519.pdf Checking old wheel weights when mounting in combination with the ” VarioGrip” tyre pressure regulation system
249656.pdf Cancellation RP8147 – Replacement of roof trim
249664.pdf New spare parts available for the multi-function operating unit (MFB)
249811.pdf Current complaints for Terminal NT01
249850.pdf Changes in service work for the introduction of the Fendt 800 / 900 Vario S4 series
249879.pdf SOURCE NEWS – MAY 2014
249895.pdf RP8180 – Conversion door handle left
249905.pdf Changes to AutoGuide tractors with all OmniSTAR correction signals: A software update is mandatory!
249919.pdf FENDIAS V1.2014 program package available since CW10/2014
249977.pdf RP8152 – Conversion rear axle shafts
249984.pdf Changes to adjusting interval for valve clearance, adjusting data and new adjusting tool
250001.pdf Replacement of Deutz engines
250009.pdf Changed adjustment interval for valve clearance
250020.pdf FENDIAS V2.2014 program package available since Week
250035.pdf RP8182 Fastening the roof trim
250133.pdf Completion of RP8152 – Conversion rear axle shafts
250136.pdf Engine fault code 1D.X.YY
250233.pdf Assembly instructions for the new metering valve E842.201.110.050
250445.pdf FENDIAS V1.2014 program package available since CW52/2014
246653.pdf English Revision of VarioGuide softwar e program package FENDIAS V1.2014 (incl. special EOL program EOL7.75 DB8.28.329) for spring season 2014
246743.pdf Short engine programme
246974.pdf FENDIAS V3.2013 Program package available (incl. EOL7.75 DB8.28; Serdia2010 V5.1.533)
247193.pdf Axial length compensation of the steering cylinder bearing
291366.pdf “Raven Cruizer” guidance system
291373.pdf FENDIAS V1.2010 Program Package (incl. new EOL7.67 DB7.85) available in AGCONET since KW22/2010
291639.pdf Fendt Operating Manuals and Workshop Documentation
291903.pdf Transmission unit ML 90 and ML260
292095.pdf Work: Modification of hitch system
426231.pdf Attention! Bleed line foot brake immediate measure!
426233.pdf Please send in the old parts. Replacement drive shafts Vario 200
426393.pdf Ball-type coupling K80 retrofit
426395.pdf Replacing coupling insert on quick-coupler
426398.pdf Replacement instrument cluster circuit board F 400, F700, F800
426403.pdf Suction / pressure filter in transmission – F800 Vario Stage 3b
426406.pdf Source base data
426576.pdf VISCOUS clutch
426579.pdf Notes on programming the engine control unit
426665.pdf Replacement of Deutz engines
426674.pdf Operating Manual new 800 range 819-828 Vario
426687.pdf FENDIAS V2.2010 Program Package (incl. new EOL7.67 DB7.86, diagnostics F800 Vario Stage 3B, & .) available in AGCONET since Week Required tools / PC settings for programming / diagnostics F800 Vario Stage 3B
426689.pdf Change-over starter F 514.900.060.040 to F 514.900.060.050
427077.pdf Protective agents for cooling systems on Fendt tractors
427186.pdf External pressure supply
427194.pdf Fuel additive
427198.pdf Engine oil in cooling water
290939.pdf Speed sensors with passive or active output
291347.pdf Correction to the Maintenance Schedule
291349.pdf Battery disconnect relay preventing faulty operation
291354.pdf Rotary union reversing driver station
291359.pdf Constant-velocity joints on front axle and front PTO drive shafts
291361.pdf Transmission unit ML160
291363.pdf Transmission unit ML75

250116.pdf Cylinder head screws on the rocker arm shaft
250157.pdf Gasket on the bulkhead cover changed
250167.pdf Work: Exchange injection lines
250187.pdf FENDIAS program package changes to the licence fees
250279.pdf Work: Replacement of pressure compensator
250289.pdf FENDIAS program package registration via licensing data form
250298.pdf Air-conditioning system filling capacities
250350.pdf Work: Modification brake relay valve
250351.pdf Work: Checking tightening torque on exhaust manifold
250353.pdf Work Exchange AdBlue tank
250356.pdf Work: Checking the coolant expansion reservoir and replacing a mounting screw on the cable holder
250361.pdf Installation Instructions: Exchange lube oil line turbocharger
250393.pdf Gasket on the front cover changed
250423.pdf Checking the exhaust gas recirculation
250462.pdf Work: Installation transmission pressure filter
250471.pdf Work: Front axle steering stop screws
250474.pdf Work: Exchange front axle steering angle sensor
250480.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption – FENDT 800 Vario St3b (SCR)
250482.pdf Start-up problems NT01 Terminal
250486.pdf Fuel filter heating
250506.pdf To all workshop managers!
250510.pdf Registering the Topcon 110 / 150 automatic steering system for tractors and harvesting machines
250678.pdf External pressure supply Broken spool on solenoid valve DRVE
250679.pdf Vario transmission transmission oil
250684.pdf Shift lever knob G822.100.090.023
250751.pdf Product recall measuring module (MEM)
250757.pdf Changes to AutoGuide tractors with OmniSTAR HP correction signal: A software update is mandatory!
250769.pdf Work: Mandatory replacement of the brake booster
250789.pdf Equipment label
250801.pdf FENDIAS V2.2011 Program Package (incl. new EOL7.70 DB8.01, Serdia2010 V1.6.5.8, & .) available since calender week
250810.pdf Changes to AutoGuide tractors with OmniSTAR correction signal
250838.pdf Turboclutch filling capacities
250868.pdf Implausible information in warranty/good will claims
250886.pdf Changes to VarioGuide tractors with OmniSTAR correction signal
250945.pdf Work: Mandatory replacement of the brake booster
250974.pdf FENDIAS Program Package 30.09.2011 expiry date if not registered via the licensing data form
250985.pdf Vario transmission filter cartridge
251082.pdf Changes for tractors with retrofited automated steering systems from Topcon models 110 / 150 with OmniSTAR correction signal:
251085.pdf Tractor state (engine speed / control valves / lifts / PTOs) may change on its own at low ambient temperatures (approx. 4° Celsius and lower)
522320.pdf Retroactive EC Certificate of Conformity for Tractor Registrations (COC)
250076.pdf Installation Instructions: Replacement coolant line AdBlue injection valve
250109.pdf Work: Installation of check valve for transmission servo circuit

250179.pdf Seal on speed sensor B014/B015
250202.pdf Recommendation diagnostics laptop Panasonic Toughbook CF-53
250225.pdf Air-conditioning system filling capacities
250235.pdf FENDIAS V1.2012 Program Package (incl. EOL7.71 DB8.07) available since KW09/2012 for tractors with VarioGuide steering system
250254.pdf Remedial action solenoid coil Y169 and engine operating software 600a
250307.pdf Controls rear linkage mechanical
250313.pdf Replacement of gear-driven emergency steering pump
250377.pdf Rear axle HA260F
250383.pdf Swivel pipe union on power lift cylinder
250410.pdf Surface protection for winter operation
250446.pdf Vario transmission transmission oil
250457.pdf Tightening specifications for SAE flange on the variable-displacement pump
250476.pdf Screw union for pump flange on the variable-displacement pump
250496.pdf Fendt 200 (V/F) steering modification
250516.pdf Corrosion on exhaust holder
250642.pdf Replacement of coolant expansion tank
250756.pdf Corrosion on exhaust holder
250041.pdf Fastening cable to steering angle sensor
250051.pdf Mandatory replacement of the circuit board for the multi-function armrest
250058.pdf Calibration crossgate lever (calibration code 1001)
250100.pdf Changes FENDT Warranty and Good Will Claims
250149.pdf Remedial action engine operating software (BSW) 600a
250151.pdf AdBlue and Common Rail Diagnostic Kits

247091.pdf Rear axle HA220/HA260F
249379.pdf Investigation of components for warranty processing
249398.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption – 300 Vario SCR (St3b)
249418.pdf FENDIAS V2.2013 Program Package (incl. new EOL7.74 DB8.25) now available
249426.pdf Completion of modifications and remedial actions
249435.pdf Information on the SCR system, NOx sensors
249474.pdf Short engine programme
249482.pdf Mandatory replacement of ISOBUS cut-off relay H945.970.170.020
249483.pdf Sealing kit for air compressor G725.880.010.011
249486.pdf Modified valve clearance
249488.pdf Cooling water loss or air in fuel system
249518.pdf PTO power and fuel consumption – 900 Vario SCR (St3b)
249528.pdf RP8147 – Replacement of roof trim
249537.pdf New spacer bushings on manifold
249590.pdf Error in circuit diagram
249593.pdf Error in circuit diagram
249594.pdf Handbrake pneumatic
249644.pdf Cleaning main cartridge of air filter Underpressure indicator Main cartridge – removing and installing, cleaning
249820.pdf Oil fill level when delivered from the factory
249836.pdf Instructions for the SCR System
249864.pdf RP8152 – Conversion rear axle shaft
249917.pdf Modified valve clearance
249947.pdf New tightening torque for screws on the injectors
249966.pdf New engine control unit EDC 17

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