NEW CLAAS Diagnostic Interface 4 CAN with Cables



CLAAS Diagnostic Interface (NEW) is a high performance 4 CAN-interface communicating by WiFi that allows a transfer of CAN-data between desktop PC or notebook and CAN-bus.

It is highly mobile and flexible tool that can handle single CAN messages as well as comprehensive CAN traffic in a complex network.



NEW CLAAS Diagnostic Interface Features:

High Quality

Free Shipping by DHL/FEDEX/UPS

Win7,Win8 and Win10
Supported languages:English,German,French,Spanish,Bulgarian,Swedish,Russian,Romanian,Portutuese,Polish,Dutch,Italian,Hungarian,Croatian,Finnish,Danish,Czech.



NEW CLAAS Diagnostic Interface Supported Models:

Lexion,Tucano,Avero,Dominator,Mega,Medion,Jaguar,Xerion,Axion,Atos,Axos,Talos,Nexos/Elios,Ares,Celtis,Ergos,Cergos,Ceres,Quadrant,Rollant,Variant,Cougar,Disco,Liner,Cargos,Quantum,Scorpion, Torion.


NEW CLAAS Diagnostic Interface Package List:

CLAAS Diagnostic Interface CAN4/WI-FI

OBD2 cable

7-pin cable

8-pin cable


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